Hubert Detremmerie ( Deerlijk , March 26 1930 - Ronse , November 9 2008 ) was a famous Belgian banker .

Detremmerie, training a degree in commercial and financial sciences, was attached to the Christian labor movement and president of the former Bank BAC (Belgian Workers' Cooperative) (later BACIOP and now integrated into Belfius ).

In 1991 revealed Hugo Knight 's story talks of Poupehan , which showed that there is an intense informal contact existed between politician Wilfried Martens , union leader Jef Houthuys , cabinet member and later chairman of the National Bank of Belgium Fons Verplaetse and Hubert Detremmerie. The four dotted and friends in secret between 1982 and 1987 along the recovery of the Belgian economy, including a devaluation on February 22 1982 the Belgian franc . He stood for a no-nonsense approach and a comprehensive knowledge of the file.

Other assignments he accepted were financial control in ACW , censor (1969-1999), Secretary (1992-1995) and president (1995-1999) of the Board of Censors of the National Bank of Belgium , member of the executive committee and manage the SNCI , manager of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven , manager of the University Faculties of Saint Aloysius and chairman of EHSAL and the St. Francis Shelter to Opbrakel .

In March 1995 he retired from the BACIOP bank. It was then asked if he wanted to be a baron as a man of the working bench he has refused. In EHSAL a chair at his name was subsequently appointed. This chair was among other things a year by Karel Van Miert clothed. Hubert Detremmerie died in late 2008 at age 78.

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