IJf Blokker ( Den Helder , September 2 1930 ) is a Dutch actor.

Career edit ]Edit

Blokker started his career as a drummer. He was educated at the Music School and practiced this profession from 1948 to 1973. He had firm commitments with various orchestras, worked for three years in Germany, six years at the Schleswig Revue and three years in the orchestra at Ted de Braak . He also gave drum lessons to include Jan Keizer of the band BZN. He gained notoriety in 1971 with the role of Barend Servet in the television programs The Fred Haché Show , with the result that there is a direct Barend Servet show came. This ran from 1971 to 1974. These programs, conceived, written, composed and directed by Wim van der Linden , Wim T. Schippers , Gied Jaspars and Ruud van Hemert and broadcast on Dutch television by the VPRO , caused quite a stir by naked dancers and other extras, cursing and absurd humor. As Barend Servet Blokker took in 1973 the Dutch Top 40 with the song Where you going, how it will go? . Other singles were Tok tok tok , How can that be , my tea and ABC .

As an actor, he was participating in radio plays, TV language course I love you, my Dutch and nasynchronisaties. He also appeared in supporting roles in Tell me Aaa , Samsam andPompy the Robodoll , Seth & Fiona and Movie! . In a television adaptation of the 1990 play Eva Bonheur of Herman Heijermans Blocker played the role of broker Mijpel.

Between 1982 and 1988 he played consecutively in six theater productions at the family Nooy : The Jantjes , Jordaan , Hadjememaar , Holland In A State House , Rascal andhomesickness . And in season 1991/1992 he played with Peter Faber and Petra Laseur in the award-winning The Cuckoo's Nest .

In the seasons 1980/1981 and 1982/1983 he presented for the VPRO television nature programs Pure nature . In 1987 Blokker was the voice with the AVRO -TV Price your empire withFred Oster presenter. He is also known as a beer connoisseur and as a comic, portrait and commercial artist.

On November 15, 2007 Blokker took in the North Brabant Museum of the just-released DVD box of Fred Haché Show received.

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