Ipang, real name Irfan Fahri Lazuardy (6 January 1972), is the Cantor of the Indonesian band BIP. He became lead singer of the band in 2004, in the place of the previous singer, Irang Perdana Arkad. Prior to joining BIP sang, he was lead singer of the band Plastik. After he quit, he began a solo career in a new genre, trip hop. [1with the addition of the band switched to the occupation of BIP Ipang also of record company, EMI to Forte's Record the album Udara Segar (' fresh air ').

In 2008, Dewiq, the wife of BIP Ipang with singer-guitarist Pay Saeed, a duet, called "To Be" (= B.T., "bad temper"). Ipang also sang in that year also the song "Sahabat Kecil" (little friend) for the soundtrack of the film Laskar Pelangi, and the following year two songs on the soundtrack Sang Pemimpi, namely "Apatis" (going always up) and "Bermimpi Teruslah" (keep dreaming). In 2010 he sang a duet with K'naan, entitled "Semangat Berkibar".