Jafaar Mohammed al-Numeiri ( Arabic : جعفر محمد النميري, Ǧa ʿ far Muḥammad an-Numayri ) ( Omdurman , January 1 1930 - Khartoum , May 30 2009 ) was a Sudanese former military and former politician. From 1969 to 1985 he was president of Sudan.

He studied at the Military Academy in Khartoum and then in the United States . In 1966 he became a major general . On 25 May 1969, he and other officers led a coup. Numeiri became Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council. He then pursued a foreign policy that was aimed at the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc countries, but also in the Arab states Libya andEgypt , which he wanted to form (Arab Union). country federation

In July 1971, communist sympathizers tried within the Revolutionary Command Council from bringing. Numeiri overthrow a coup He was imprisoned for two days, managed to escape and then led an army the capital Khartoum in which the rebels defeated. Since then he has led an anti-communist policy. Foreign policy was revised and close contacts were cited by the United Statesand Western European States. This became Sudan economically and militarily dependent on the U.S. and Europe ( EEC ).

In 1972 founded the Sudanese Socialist Union Numeiri (SSU), who in 1973 became the only party. In 1973 obtained the Sudan , a new constitution and Numeiri became president. He led a pro-Islamic politics and took Sadiq al-Mahdi of mahdists and UMMA Party and Hasan al-Turabi in the politburo of the SSU.

Already in 1972 did Numeiri connect with the South Sudan Liberation Movement (an agreement SPLM ), after South Sudan gained independence. He supported President Anwar Sadat of Egypt unconditionally in his peace plan with Israel and then buttoned relations with the latter country.

In 1983 Numeiri introduced Islamic law ( Sharia ) and he took the title of imam to. The unrest in 1984 arose among the population led in 1985 to a coup Numeiri (who was visiting the U.S.) overturned. After living several years in exile in Cairo ( Egypt ), he returned in 1999 to return to Sudan.

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