Jakob van Hoddis (Berlin1887 - May 16, 1942Sobibor extermination camp) was a German expressionist poet. His real name was Hans Davidsohn.


After high school, studied Jakob van Hoddis architecture in MunichGreek and philosophy in Jena and Berlin. During his studies he became acquainted with Kurt Hiller, with whom he (together with Erwin Loewenson) founded the Neue Club in 1909 in Berlin. What later became the Neopathetisches Cabaret, in which Georg Heym had contributed, founded in Berlin. There were then several times literary nights Hoddis often read out from their own work. As early as the end of 1912 he showed the first signs of mental illness schizophrenia. Since 1914, he lived in clinics and schools. In 1942 he was founded by the National Socialists to a Jewish near Koblenz deported and later killed in theSobibór extermination camp .