Jan Louwers ( Eindhoven , July 3, 1930 - there, November 1, 2012 ) was a football player who is best known for his performances at FC Eindhoven . Louwers played mostly as a right winger. He was one of the star players in the champion team of FC Eindhoven in 1954 .

Jan Louwers grew up in the Eindhoven-class district Gestel . He initially played for Gestelse Boys . In 1950 he moved to the ETUC, the current FC Eindhoven , where he remained for ten years. With Louwers in the squad earned FC Eindhoven three division championships (1953, 1954 and 1955) and the national championship in 1954 . Louwers was a good right winger, but he was also known as temperamental. He alternated great performance with discrete events.Louwers was at that time a few times near the Dutch National Team , but it never came to an official match. After his FC Eindhoven period Louwers also played for former competitor and city rivals PSV . From 1960 to 1963 he was in 59 league games for PSV in which he scored 29 times. In 1963 Louwers with PSV champion. Hereafter Louwers leave for three years for Roda JC , and then in the familiar surroundings of the ETUC to close his career. gradually

In 1967 Louwers stopped semi-professional football, and he went into the business world. Louwers did business in the hospitality industry and managed a successful wholesaler to establish that he did at the 1987 Hand Sligro . [1] On 27 August 1994, the stadium was FC Eindhoven renamed the Jan Louwers Stadium , due to its many merits for the club. Louwers died on November 1, 2012. The Park Theatre Eindhoven names on November 6, his family and his many friends and acquaintances say goodbye to him

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