Johannes (Jan) Versteegt (Katwijk aan Zee10 October 1889 - Hildesheim22 June 1945) was a Dutch preacher and resistance fighter.

Jan Versteegt worked as mate on the sea, when he decided to study for the predikantschap. He was on the basis of singular gifts occupations in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, later in Loosdrecht, and continued to proclaim his faith under SA.

During the Second World War Versteegt was one of the leaders of the resistance in Loosdrecht. Because of his involvement in the resistance, he was arrested on 26 september 1941 during a meeting kerkenraads.After imprisonment in the prison of Scheveningen (Oranje hotel), he came home again in december 1941. Encourage the resistance remained and Versteegt in his sermons. In the autumn of 1942, he was brought up in early 1943 to camp Amersfoort and from there to camp Vught. After Dolle Dinsdag he was transferred to Sachsenhausenconcentration camp. For the advancing Russian Liberation Army Versteegt came in February 1945 in Bergen-Belsenconcentration camp, where he was released on 15 april. Weakened by typhoid Versteegt died on 22 June 1945 in the Hospital of Hildesheim, where he was buried a week later.

A street in a new district of Loosdrecht in 2012 was named after Reverend Versteegt.