Jean Roba ( Schaerbeek , July 28 1930 - Brussels , June 14 2006 ) was a Belgian illustrator and comic book artist .

Mid- 50s , he started as an illustrator in advertising to work as studio chief end. This craft taught him to draw. Efficiently [1]

In 1957 he began to make illustrations for comic magazine Spirou ( Spirou ). He was among more task to draw. Weekly front page [1] He is best known to the initiated by him in 1959gagreeks "Boule et Bill" which appeared in the same magazine. This strip also appeared in the Dutch comic Sjors entitled "Bass and Crook," later in Eppo as " Boule et Bill ".

In addition to this series Roba worked in the 60s also with André Franquin for a number of stories of " Spirou and Fantasio ". He had at that time also own other series: The Wisp . The success of "Boule and Bill" forced, however, to stop all activities such as the Wisp him.

Roba stopped publishing in 2003, the series Boule et Bill he carried over to his assistant Laurent Verron .

In 2005 he finished in 100th place in the Walloon version of the election of The Greatest Belgian .

Barely a year later, he died at the age of almost 76.

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