James Francis (Jim) Thorpe (Bellemont (Oklahoma), May 28, 1887 – Lomita (California), March 28, 1953) was a versatile American sportsman. He was of Native American descent and his Indian name was Wa-Tho-Huk, which means shining path . He was Olympic champion in the pentathlon and the Decathlon at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm and Bailey on the right from on baseball and American football. Some witnesses even claim, that he is still at least ten other sports excelled, including golftennishockeybasketballgymnasticsswimmingboxing and wrestling. [1]


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His father, Hiram Thorpe, had an Irish father and a native American mother. His mother, Charlotte Vieux, had a French father and a native American mother. His twin brother Charlie died at the age of eight to a pneumonia. Jim Thorpe could handle this difficult and ran away from school a number of times. When his mother died two years later, he was in a depression. He ran away from home, after he had gotten several times arguing with his father and went to work at a horse ranch.

It is said that he started with Athletics in 1907, by being a couple of guys on the street high jump. After these guys had failed, he jumped in his street clothes spontaneously about 1.75 m.

' Thank you, King! '[Edit]Edit

The versatility of Thorpe came on the Play full justice in Stockholm. In total he took part in no less than 17 items. First the Pentathlon on July 7, after the Decathlon, which took three days because of the large number of participants (21) and finally two individual numbers: high jump (fourth with 1.87 m) and long jump (seventh with 6.89 m). [2]The five-and he won the Decathlon with force majeure, taking his opponents equipment. Striking detail was that on the Pentathlon his compatriot Avery Brundage, the later President of the IOC, belonged to his opponents. In the Decathlon, world record holder Thorpe applied directly against the ruling, Hugo Wieslander, the Swede who had brought on 7244 points world record . Thorpe pulverized this score and brought the record on 8412 points. It was generally considered the performance of the Indian as phenomenal. Thorpe was forever a hero. [2at the awards ceremony the Swedish King Gustav V proclaimed on solemn tone: ' you are the greatest athlete in the world! ' A Royal, totally spontaneous homage that a token of great admiration was for the American athlete who, overcome by emotions, only: ' thank you, King! ' managed to stammer. [2 Jim Thorpe was back in the United States in New York in an open limousine driven on Fifth Avenue , while a million people brought him tribute. President Taft praised him as ' most valuable type of u.s. citizens '. [3]

Deprived of Olympic medals and titles[Edit]Edit

On 20 January 1913 publishes the newspaper at the time that Thorpe on DiscoveryCarlisle Indian School and played baseball would have to pay. [3As Thorpe, who retired from is, admits he's in 1909 and 1910 25 dollars a week had gotten it already, see those who were struggling with his skin color and are ' questionable ' origins, their chance. He is not a pure amateur and had so not to take part in the 1912 Summer Olympics. [4 Thorpe confesses, but asks forgiveness. He had never received money for his performance as an athlete. On January 27, the International Olympic Committee reacts: it cut him off his titles, medalsand records. Then flows to the offers of professional clubs: Thorpe sign a first contract with the New York Giants, an American Football team. He also plays baseball for the Cincinnati Reds, to 1919. At the same time he is also a professional footballer, from 1915 to 1928. [4]


In 1943 came a movement afoot to reinstate him. [4in the meantime, all the more so since it was revealed, that the official rules were not followed in this case, since all complaints within thirty days after the end of the Play should have been submitted. That was not done in the case of Thorpe. This would not live to see the end of this. After his sports career was Jim Thorpe played bit parts in movies start playing, but alcohol caused problems that he never knew to hold jobs. [5on March 28, 1953, he died penniless from complications of a heart attack. [4 Let the IOC officially until 13 October 1982 pros and Thorpe got its place on the honour roll back. On 18 January 1983 were replicas of his gold medals by the then IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch to his children condition. [3[4]


The life story of Thorpe was made into a film in 1951 in Jim Thorpe-all-American- with Burt Lancaster in the title role and directed by Michael Curtiz, the Director of Casablanca. Although Thorpe as an advisor for the movie was attracted, he received no money for his input, as he his film rights already in 1931 for $ 1500 had sold to MGM . [5]


  • Olympic champion pentathlon-1912
  • Olympic champion Decathlon-1912

Personal bests[Edit]Edit

Part Performance Year
high jump 1,956 m 1912
long jump 7.16 m 1909
Decathlon 6564 p 1912


high jump[Edit]Edit

  • 1912: 4th OS-1.87 m

long jump[Edit]Edit

  • 1912: 7th OS-6.89 m


  • 1912: [1]OS-7 p


  • 1912: 8412,955 [2]OS-p (WR)