Jacob (Job) Rider ( Giessendam , April 30 1930 ) is a Dutch jurist and former politician.

The Rider is a reformed lawyer, who followed his studies in Utrecht , but after a career in the legal profession and law professor was at the university . He is particularly knowledgeable in the area of family and youth (criminal) law.

Minister of Justice edit ]Edit

He was as Minister of Justice in the Van Agt I partly responsible for the legalization of abortion . His bill that he and Leendert Ginjaar (VVD) submitted this was on 18 December 1980 in the House by the narrowest possible majority (76 against 74 votes) approved and entered on November 1, 1984 into effect.

Defense Minister edit ]Edit

When he was in the Lubbers I was Secretary of Defense, the question of possible placement of playing cruise missiles . After his retirement, he became Attorney General and professor again.

[1][2]Job Rider (left) visits Caspar Weinbergerin his capacity as Minister of Defense (1983)

Job Rider is now an honorary member of the student association SSR-NU

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