Johan Casper Paul Alberts (Amsterdam11 February 1893 - 1967the Hague) was a Dutch poet and literary journalist ,.

Johan Alberts had a very unhappy childhood. His parents divorced shortly after his birth and his mother remarried at the age of seven. After half a year they separated again, and she died a short time later. After a ramble on the Veluwe with his stepfather demanded his natural father him. who loved Johan two years long in house locked up and left him housework. Johan eventually escaped by jumping from the roof. By his wounds he was several months in the hospital. His father was aghast from the parental authority .

In 1914 he came into the news when he the literary magazine founded the record -not to be confused with the Chronicle of P.L. Branch -to which he two years later financial almost caused its end.

During the first world war he worked for the newspaper the motherland as a war correspondent. He went to Dutch East Indies where he was Editor of the Java-Bailey and tried to make a living as an Aviator , in addition to his job as a colonial officer. After the Second World War he was repatriated and he came to work as an editor-Art and science reporter for the associated press .

Pretty much everything from his very extensive work he gave out in their own management, this while he again have a life. Jan de Hartog has tried him in 1950 to make better known and more popular by an anthologyof his work to give out. Alberts, however, chose to remain outside the literary world.

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