Johan Boskamppseudonym of Johan Adriaan Hoelscher (Amsterdam5 January 1891 – 20 september 1976, Amsterdam) was a Dutch singer and actor.

Boskamp began his career primarily as a singer of chansons. For his merits in respect of French song, he received an appointment as Officer d'Académie. He worked briefly with the opera and stepped into the twenties after the operetta group of Louis Bouwmeester jr.. Then he worked with Octave vala in a private operettegezelschap in Rotterdam and with Alex Walton in the Amsterdam Carré. With Heintje Davids he sang in the revue. When his singing voice was less, he made a switch to the scene.

Boskamp played roles in the operetta "the Queen of Montmartre" (1200 performances) and the plays "In Pajamas" and "Anatevka". He performed together with Johan Mapfrom 1950 Potasch and Perlemoer, the piece about two Jewish traders in textile, on. In over twenty years there were about 3000 performances. In 1970, Boskamp during a performance honored for his 60-year stage anniversary. After card in 1971 at a performance and then broke his hip got health problems, long-term series and career of Boskamp came to an end. The last performances played Boskamp opposite his son, the former footballer and actor Hans Boskamp.

Boskamp was a Knight in the order of Orange-Nassau and got gold for his services the distinguishing sign of the City of Amsterdam. He died in 1976, about half a year after card, at the age of 85.

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