Johannes Theodorus Furstner (AmsterdamJanuary 16, 1887 – september 15, the Hague1970) was Minister of Navy during the Second World War in theNetherlands cabinet Gerbrandy II.

Furstner was a theorist on marine breeding grounds. He was educated at the Higher Military school and the French École supérieure de Guerre. He had little on with pre-war party being and was a founding member of the Alliance national recovery. In may 1940 he was he dismayed and outraged over the departure of the cabinet toLondon. He combined the Ministry of Navy with the post of Commander of the Navy.


Johan Furstner was born in 1887 in Amsterdam, where he also followed the H.B.S. . He also followed secondary education at the Institute "Walz" to voorschoten.

From 1902 to 1906 he attended an officer training at the Royal Netherlands Naval College (KIM) to willemsoord. From 16 september 1908 to 1918 he was sea-officer inDutch East Indies.

From 1918 to 1920 he studied at the higher Naval school in the Hague. In 1918 he also gave some time teaching at the higher Military school in the Hague.

From 1925 to 1927 he sailed as artillery officer on Her Majesty to Cruiser "Java" Dutch East Indies.

In the period 1927-1928 he attended a continuing marine-theoretical studies at the Ecole Supérieure de Guerre in Paris (certification d'officier d'etat major).

From 1929 he was first officer on the battleship "Heemskerck".

In 1930 he became Director of the higher Naval school and from 1935 Commander of h.m. 's ironclad "Duke Henry".

From 1936, he was a member of the marinetop, of 1 January 1936 to september 1939 as Chief naval staff and from 1939 in the newly established post of Commander of the naval forces.

At German invasion of Netherlands in May 1940 he week from Scheveningen with his staff out to England, but he was very upset and outraged by the decision of the Cabinet to go to London to leave.

On 27 July 1941 was Navy Minister Furstner. At the end of the war, in 23 February 1945, he laid his ministers funtion.

Of 4 september 1945 to 1 January 1963, he was a member of the Council of State.


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