Nicolaas Johannes (John) Leddy ( The Hague , January 12 1930 ) is a Dutch actor .


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Leddy spent his childhood in The Hague. After working as an accountant and a study having completed telegraphy previously employed John Leddy graduated in 1956 Amsterdam Theatre.

Leddy, perhaps best known for his roles as John Engelmoer in the little truth (1970-1971) and Koos Dice in Tell me Aaa (1981-1993), has an impressive track record. He worked at numerous theater companies, including the Rotterdam Theatre , Theatre Ensemble (1958-1968), the Hague Comedie , Sater , the Public Theatre and the Theatre Union . Since the fifties, he was also in numerous television films and series to see (see Filmography). Moreover, in 1963, he was host of the television program TV Dansant for KRO. John Leddy was some time at the Royal Conservatory of Music as a lecturer game.

John Leddy since 1969 married Jannig Greijdanus and was previously married to actress Heleen van Meurs . He has a son and two daughters: Arne Roos and Rixt. Arne son works in the TV world in the background as an art director: he designs include the sets of shows like Cops Maastricht . Daughter Rose is a sculptor and her sister Rixt is actress like her father, from 2005 to 2008, she was the third performer of the character Dian Alberts in Good times, bad times .

Leddy lives in the Brabant fortified town of Heusden .

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