Johannes (Joop) Koopman ( Haarlem , 7 April 1930 - Bilthoven , December 25, 2011 ) was a Dutch radio and television presenter , who is best known through the program known two to twelve . Typically, his distinctive voice with a clear and pure intonation, accent spoken Dutch.


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In 1950 Joop Koopman was announcer at the VARA radio. He was an employee of the department 'Spoken Word' and kept there too busy with radio control and other work. He was responsible in 1954 for the sick editor program Rainbow , where he cabaret inzette his love into programs. In 1957 he was head Radio Entertainment are because Charles Prior moving to the AVRO and the program Showboat took. Joop was asked to fill. Thus created hole He devised the program Plein 8 hours 13 . He also showed the young Henk Elsink cabaret programFree Admission create five seasons turned and of which more than a hundred episodes were made. From 1960, he was told the program the spoken portrait , which he made ​​five hundred episodes. VARA television he spoke occasionally film texts.

In the late sixties, he was asked in addition to his work as head Radio Entertainment this for the television to do. He was responsible for VARA-known programs as one of the eight , the satirical Hadimassa the Stratemakeropzeeshow years old and conferences from Wim Kan . In 1971 he made ​​his debut for the camera as a presenter of the quiz is ticking , by Ellen Blazerwas coined.

"Internal fratricidal with an arched meeting culture" caused divisions, making Joop less pleased with the VARA. In 1976 he left the broadcaster, although he for Two Twelve remained present until 1983 and sporadically acted as adjudicator in VARA productions. In the nineties he was featured in the Dutch version of The Connoisseur , a BBC quiz about art , architectureand photography. Besides working for the television, he was briefly director of Apeldoorn Orpheus theater . He then joined the theater office Lumen in Hilversum , where he eventually became co-owner and that he raised in 1994. He was also supervisor / impresario of several Dutch theater artists, including Martine Bijl , Adèle Bloemendaal , Fons Jansen and Harrie Jekkers . Later, guided and advised only Youp van 't Hek .

Death edit ]Edit

Joop died in 2011 on Christmas Day . He is buried in the general cemetery and The Rest in Bilthoven .