Joost Steenenkamer ( Amstelveen , January 1 1965 ) is a Dutch professional golfer.


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Professional edit ]Edit

When Steenenkamer in 1989 became a professional golfer, he went on Asian Tour and the Challenge Tour play.

In 1997 Steenenkamer qualified for the British Open in Troon , Scotland . He booked 22 professional victories. Twice he went round in 63 strokes (-9).

Won edit ]Edit

National edit ]Edit

International edit ]Edit

  • 1995 : Audi Quattro Trophy on GC Eschenried in Germany with a score with a score of -20.
  • 2002 : Kempen Capital Management Tournament, Spanish Series.
  • 2003 : Jacob Berg Classic ( EPD )

Teams Edit ]Edit

Coach edit ]Edit

Steenenkamer's coach at the Dutch Golf Federation , along with Eric of Children and since 2007 Hayo Bensdorp .

Charity & Sport Edit ]Edit

Stone Room is captain of the Celebrity Golf Team, which occurs for events for charity. There are nearly 100 famous sportsmen member of Charity & Sport.

Autobiography Edit ]Edit

After ten years of life on the tour and ten year coach Steenenkamer wrote a biography "Thanks for playing." He describes not only his own life, in which he, among others through Tai Chi and Kung Fu was looking for perfection, but also experiences of colleagues.

Trivia edit ]Edit

  • Steenenkamer hit five times a hole-in-one .
  • There are nine track records to his name.
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