Jose Z. Nepomuceno (Manila15 may 1893 - 1 december 1959) was a Filipino film maker and producer. Nepomuceno was a pioneer in the Philippine film industry and is therefore called the "father of the Philippine movie" called.


José Nepomuceno was born on May 15, 1893 in the Philippine capital Manila. His parents were Jose Nepomuceno and Teafila Zialcita. After earning his bachelor of artsdegree at the San Beda College in ManilaNepomuceno studied painting and electrical engineering. He developed into an excellent photographer and had his own studio, called "Electro Photo Studio Parhelio", on Plaza Goiti in Manila. However, he saw more future in the film industry, sold his studio and went was the first Filipino to focus on with making movies. In 1917 he founded Malayan Movies on. the first two years he experimented a lot on los. He also made short educational films for Pathe News and he filmed large newsletter for Paramount News. Two years later he came up with his first movie Dalagang Bukid, a silent film that was based on the eponymous popular zarzuelaby Hermogenes Ilagan. The main roles were for Atang de la Rama and Marceliano Ilagan, who also played the lead roles in the zarzuella. The film was provided with English, Spanish and Tagalog subtitles and was particularly famous for the very popular title song Nabasag and Banga. After this first film he made movies with Spanish subtitles. Afterwards, he went to work with Vicente Salumbides. His film Tatlong Hambogshocked the Philippines, because it was the first Filipino film with passionate zoenscenes in it. From 1928 stopped Nepomuceno with making movies and he focused on producing films, such as the much vaunted Noli Me Tangere (1930) and the first film with sound in the Philippines, Punyal ma Shameem (1932). This was followed by more sound films, such as "Dr. Adamu, Diwata ng Karagatan Teniente Rosario ', ' ', Sa Paanan ng Kruz ', ' Ang Bandila Rachael Maya ', ' after ', ' Leron-Leron Sinta ', ' Anak Dalita ' and ' Biak na Bato '.

José Nepomuceno is known as the discoverer of many famous Filipino actors and actresses such as: Rogelio de la RosaLeopoldo SalcedoCarlos Padilla SR. and Jose Padilla Jr.Fernando PoeRosa del Rosario,Lucita GoyenaElsa OriaCorazon NobleRosario Moreno and Mila del Sol.

Neponumceno died in 1959 at age of 66. He was married to Isabel Acuña. They had eight children, seven boys and 1 girl.

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