Juan D. Nepomuceno (Angeles8 March 1892 - 22 april 1973) was a Filipino politician, entrepreneur and founder of the Holy Angel University in Angeles.


Juan Nepomuceno was born on 8 March 1892 in Angeles. His parents were Juan Nepomuceno SR., a delegate to the Malolos Congress, and his second wife Aurea Paras. Nepomuceno would actually be a priest at the Jesuits, but saw off here by health problems. He Later studied law at the Santo Tomas University, where he graduated his bachelor-in 1918. That same year he also succeeded for the entrance examination of the Philippine Office. After his graduation he was working as a lawyer for some time. In 1921 he started together with his wife Angeles Ice Plant (later Teresa Ice Plant) and 2 years later the Angeles Electric Light and Power Plant, which supplied power to Angeles. In 1928 the company followed Reina and Aurora soft drinks.

In addition to his work as a Director was also Mayor of Angeles Nepomuceno from 1922 to 1928. For the first time In 1922, Nepomuceno chosen as Mayor of the place, after which he was re-elected in 1925. Later, he was still chosen as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, where the basis for the 1935 Philippine Constitution was laid. Juan Nepomuceno founded In 1933 in collaboration with Msgr. Pedro Santos Songco the Holy Angel Academy in Angeles on. Initially, this Catholic educational institution located on secondary education. Nowadays, the Holy Angel University also tertiary education.

After the Second World War and a fire layers their businesses in ruins. The soft thank factory was not reconstructed, but the power though. And also the school was reopened. In 1965 the family developed Nepomuceno on a piece of agriculture land of 64 hectares of a residential area that Villa Teresa Subdivision was called. Three years later they started there also a shopping center: Nepo Mart Commercial Complex.Nepo Mart grew the following years to a large shopping center.

Nepomuceno died in 1973 at the age of 81. He was from 1919 until her death in 1970, married to Teresa Gomez. The couple had ten children.