Achmed Gurshaid Karamat Ali ( Paramaribo , July 15 1930 ) is a Surinamese lawyer and politician.

He studied at the Henry School in Paramaribo and continued his secondary school in Amsterdam, after which he studied law at the Free University of Amsterdam . After graduating in 1959 there Karamat Ali was Legal Adviser at the Ministry of Justice and Police. He was on behalf of the National Party of Suriname chosen (NPS) as a member of the States of Suriname and has also been vice-chairman of the parliament. In 1971 he became a member of the Surinamese section of the kingdom commission. He also worked at the Office legislation before he minister was of Public Works and Transport in 1973 in the first cabinet headed by Prime Minister Arron . After the elections of 1977 he retained that position until the February 1980 Sergeant Coup government was deposed.

After the coup, he was arrested and accused, his case was treated for about five million guilders obscured by a special court. [1] In January 1981, he was due to corruption among others sentenced to two and a half years in prison. 

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