Anton Frederik Willem (Kick) Stokhuyzen ( Surabaya , October 7th 1930 - Voorburg , January 12 2009 ) was a Dutch TV presenter and voice actor. [1 ][2]

Stokhuyzen was born and grew up in Surabaya. During World War II he was in a Japanese POW camp . In 1945 he came with his parents to the Netherlands where he was until 1949 at the Lyceum Netherland lesson in The Hague. He then went on to study economics at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Groningen . He also studied law at the University of Geneva. During his student years he was a member and officer of the ASC / AVSV and dispute HEBE

He was employed by the NCRV and presented there in the years seventy include the popular Nature Quiz Yes, of course . This program attracted 3.5 million viewers on average time per episode.

Stokhuyzen presented for NCRV except Yes, of course also programs like Tweekamp , you recognize this tune and you recognize this time . The television work was always a job for him, Stokhuyzen had since 1966 worked as economist at IBM . When he was promoted to the position of Manager Sales Promotion in 1983, he disappeared from television.

Recently worked Stokhuyzen broadcasting MAX . Where he was also seen in an eight-part show in 2006 along with seven other famous Dutch in the program TV Comeback . After his death in 2009, on 16 January of that year that episode repeated at Omroep MAX .

He also spoke in Dutch versions of cartoons the voice of Winnie the Pooh . He was' the approved character voice ", which meant that he was the only person in the Dutch-speaking region that this voice could leave a message.

He was also politically active. On behalf of the VVD to 2002 he sat in the council of Voorburg.

In 2008, he spoke of the memorial oration at the annual commemoration at the India-India Monument in The Hague.

In early 2009 Kick Stokhuyzen died at the age of 78 to a brain hemorrhage . Until his death he had a relationship with actress Annette Nieuwenhuyzen , whom he had met. during his student days