Konrad Niedźwiedzki ( Warsaw , January 2 1985 ) is a Polish skater . Niedźwiedzki train a lot with the Dutch TVM skating team and speaks reasonable Dutch.


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Allrounden edit ]Edit

During the 2006 European Allround Championships in Hamar Niedźwiedzki caused a remarkable news that the starting gun of the starter refused during his ride after a shot. The false start caused by the Pool so could not be shot back, clearly saving time (and distance victory) gave him. Niedźwiedzki eventually became 14th.

At the 2006 World Allround Championships in Calgary Niedźwiedzki showed his distance victory in the 500 meters at the European Championship was no fluke round earlier this year. The distance when allrounden Pool was the second time behind Shani Davis and he did it in a new personal record. Also on the other three distances he drove a new personal record, which earned him a handsome eighth place in the final ranking. This was the best Polish performance at a World Cup round since 2002 when Paweł Zygmunt in Heerenveen was 6th.

At the European Championships in 2013 skating in Heerenveen knew Niedźwiedzki addition to the 500, also winning. 1500 With a 13th place in the 5000 meters and an 8th place in the 10,000 meters, he was 7th in the final standings, his best result so far.

At the 2013 world championships distance skating in Sochi won Niedźwiedzki with his teammates Bródka and Szymański bronze in the team pursuit.

Winter Olympics Edit ]Edit

2006 edit ]Edit

At the Olympic Winter Games of 2006 in Turin , the then 21-year-old Pole came in at two distances, namely the 1000 meters and 1500 meters. 1,000 m Niedźwiedzki got a good result, the 13th place with a time of 1.09,95. On the king song when skating, the 1,500 m, he finished one place higher in the final ranking: 12th, with a time of 1.48,09.

2010 edit ]Edit

At the Olympic Winter Games of 2010 in Vancouver Konrad Niedźwiedzki drove three distances. In the 500 meters, he finished 30th with the Finn Markus Puolakka after having traveled in 36.18 sec. 1st 500m and 36.17 in the 2nd. He was 27th in the 1000m in a time of 1.11,24 and the 1500 meters he was 17th in a time of 1.48,15.

Personal records Edit ]Edit

Distance Time Date Job
500 meters 35,29 December 4, 


1000 meters 1.08,70 December 6, 


1500 meters 1.43,12 November 15, 


Salt Lake City
3000 meters 3.44,19 * October 6, 


5000 meters 6.29,14 March 18, 


10000 meters 13.45,13 January 13, 


  • = National record

Results edit ]Edit

Year [ European 


[ World 


[ World 


[ World 


[ Olympic 


World [ World 


2001 NC34
2002 12th 

9th chase

2003 NS1
2004 13th 

6th chase

2005 22e (20e, 23e, 23e, nc) 14th 1500 

6th chase

2006 14th ( , 22nd, 16th)


8th 1000m 13th 

12th 1500

23 1500
2007 13th ( 19th, 5th, nc)


12th 1500m 

7th chase

1000m 57th 

13th 1500

2008 13th ( 18th, 9th, nc)


NC18 18th 17 1000m 

14 1500m  8th Pursuit

2009 9th ( 17th, 8th, 11th)


12th 17th 1000m 17th 

14th 1500

2010 9th ( 16th, 5th, 10th)


10th 30th 500m 

1000m 27th  17th 1500

2011 8th ( 17th, 12th, 10th)


NC13 23 12th 1500m 

8th Pursuit

2012 13th ( , 21th, 14th, nc)


12th 10th 1500m 

8th Pursuit

2013 7th ( 13th, , 8th)


8th 1500m pursuit


2014 NC9 ( 12th, nc)


  1. NC = not qualified for the last distance, # NS = not started on the remote #