Kyuzo Mifune Kyuzo Mifune(三船久蔵,; Kuji1883 – april 21, Tokyo27 January 1965)

Mifune is one of the greatest judoka's of all time and one of the most famous pupils of Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo. He will be a year after the creation of the Kodokan is born. At boarding school he comes into contact with judo. After his final exam he goes to the Waseda University in Tokyo. He would particularly like to get a place in the Kodokan. That succeeds him as he is 22. In 1956 he begins to write to The Canon or Judo, an important work about judo. He gets the 10th dan at the age of 65. He jureert still on the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. In January 1965 he died of throat cancer in the Nichidai University Hospital in Tokyo.