Lee Ulrich Eyerly (CubaIllinoisFebruary 22, 1892 - March 23, 1963) was an American pioneer of aviation and associated machines and an attraction-manufacturer.


At an early age began building Eyerly aircraft. In 1929 he started his own pilots training. Because of the great depression Eyerly had to find an inexpensive way to train pilots. He designed and manufactured test machines. Could this novice pilots different forces experienced. He made these machines to they bet with its pilots training, so that the students in this machine could practice before they chose airspace. Eyerly founded a company on for this test machines, called "Eyerly Aircraft Co".


One of the machines that he used on his training, Eyerly in the 1920s seen at a public event. The pilots training proved an instant success with the public. Eyerly made attractions of. In this way he designed and patented the:

The Loop-o-plane was the first real attraction of Eyerly. When the attraction, designed in 1934 , direct a great success, he let the patent in 1935 . His company, "Eyerly Aircraft Co" focused almost entirely on entertainment market since that time. The name was retained, this still reminds of the start of the company. In the succeeding years came more and more often for the attractions of Eyerly on fairs in America. In 1937the attractions found the road to Europe, especially the United Kingdom. Many of the attractions of retain their origin remained in Eyerly maneuvers from aviation.

Attractions today[Edit]Edit

Eyerly's attractions are anno 2008 still found in various fairs and amusement parks. They are less popular than it used to be. This is partly because successors of the attractions (such as the Looping Ship and theBooster) voorbijstreefden the originals in popularity.