Leonard Eustace (Leen) Jansen ( Rotterdam , August 3 1930 - Bergen op Zoom , January 27 2014 ) was a Dutch boxer .


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Biography edit ]Edit

He was born in a houseboat on the Rotte and he grew up in the working class neighborhood of Rotterdam Crooswijk . [2 ][3] Although he wanted to be since childhood footballer he was fighting in the forties as an amateur his first parties. [4 ][5] His younger brother Aad Jansen was a professional boxer in 1974 and Dutch champion in the welterweight class. [6]

Leen Jansen began his professional career after he competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki . He reached the quarterfinals, where he faces Floyd Patterson excavated the worst of it. [7] In the fifties and sixties moisture Jansen total of 71 lots, of which he lost 9. [8] He lost his first professional game on July 11, 1956 from Franco Festucci. [9] Jansen became Dutch champion three times.

After his career as a boxer, he was a trainer. He had a boxing gym in the Chain Street in Kralingen , but it burned down in January 1982 on. [10] He later lived in St. Maartensdijk , where he began a new boxing gym. [1] Halil Ibrahim Özpamuk photographed Jansen for an exhibition on Rotterdam boxers , which was featured in the summer of 2012 at the Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam. [3] He also made ​​an episode about the then 82-year-old former boxer for the television Vals plat of NTR . This episode aired on December 27, 2012. [2]

Results edit ]Edit

  • 1952: Quarterfinals Summer Olympics
  • April 26, 1954: Dutch middleweight champion [11]
  • May 1955: Dutch middleweight champion [12]
  • May 11, 1959: Dutch light heavyweight champion [13]

Personal life edit ]Edit

Jansen was married in July 2010. [14] He was with his ex-wife, a daughter. [4] Jansen lived in St. Maartensdijk and died at age 83 in a hospital in Bergen op Zoom.

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