David Simon ( December 19, RotterdamAmsterdam1883 — July 1, 1939), better known as Louis Davids, was a Dutch comedian and revueartist and is known as one of the biggest names of the Dutch cabaret.


[hide]*1 Biography


Louis Davids was born in the rue des Sables in Rotterdam , the son of the comedian and David and Francina Tafesse publican Levie (died 1927) in a poor Jewish family of eight children. His parents performed with comic duets, and Louis sang as 8-year-old already on Fairgrounds with his brother Ethan on the piano. Laying around are often performed with Louis 13th sister Rika on in Rotterdam, also outside the fair. After a quarrel with his father he went to England as Magic's sidekick , but came a year later and an illusion poorer but richer in variety Theatre a lot of experience back home. He knew with his sister Rika a place outside the fairground world (theatre Pschorr) including a trip along the Rhine and We go to Zandvoort to the sea. They went to Amsterdam where Davids with the theatre director Frits van Haarlem in Carré with great success a revue to English example set up; Louis ' name was created. He put the revue success in 1909 in the company of Henri ter Hall.


When Rika the English magician John Weil met, they married, went to England and got out of the duo. Louis formed after a failed attempt to earn his living as a magician to finally again a duo, this time with his younger sister Henriette (Heintje). Also the second duo Davids was a success. The husband of Heintje, Philip Pinkhof, wrote for the revues where both Davids played in.

Louis married in 1906 with Rebecca Kak with whom he had a daughter, but was not happy. During a tour he made acquaintance with the artist Margie Morris who came to Netherlands in 1913. To 1922 formed the duo Louis and Margie "He, She and the piano" for which Margie signed mostly as composer . The comic repertoire was gradually expanded to include the food and song. A well-known piece from this period is also known as the Bluejackets ' silent movie ' was released in 1922, and if speaking film in 1934. Between 1922 and 1926 was David's Director of the Casino Theatre in Rotterdam but the directeursvak not keep him come.

In 1929 Louis Davids was in the revue Laugh and forget with the song that was probably his most famous: the little guy. It was written by Jacques van Tol with whom Davids continued to work together until his death in 1939. He and Viljoen agreed that Villarreal would remain anonymous as lyricist of virtually all texts of Davids after 1929.

Despite his Rotterdam-based origin was Davids a popular interpreter of the Amsterdam Jordaan-repertoire. Davids was the Foundation of the career of a number of big names like Wim Kan and Corry Vonk Wim Sonneveld , and the Cabaret Ping Pong.

In 1937 Louis Davids had to his work at the Kurhaus-cabaret giving up because of asthma. Are quite unexpected death at the age of 55 was partly caused by asthma. [1David was cremated in driehuis. His ashes were interred in a columbarium of the crematorium. The remains of his brother-in-law Rido and its sister Heintje Davids were later placed with him.


A small selection from the repertoire of Louis Davids: the little guy, Mina, children's questions, with the rain Roomijskar Ribbons, Sally, what a girl should know, Weekend in Scheveningen, mother has her driver's license, To the bulbs, the funeral of ome Manus, the Scheveningen sea, Bridge club look for you, the sweepstakes, why shouldn't I, The Oilman küsse ihre Hand a Fordje has gained Madame, Ich, The football match, you know still oldie Mother wants to dance, if you were born for a dime, In the Jordaan.


In 2010, the Dutch Comedy Theatre a theatre performance about Davids, entitled Songs of Louis Davids .

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