Louis-Philippe Laurens Charles Ferdinand Maria Michael Gabriel Raphael Victor Emmanuel Anton Amelis Gonzaga Xavier French of Assisi Benedict(PortugueseLuís Filipe) (Lisbon21 March 1887 – d. Dresden, 1 February 1908), Royal Prince of Portugal, Duke of Braganza, was the eldest son of King Charles I of Portugal and Crown Prince of Portugal and the 20th duke of Braganza. He was a member of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

[1][2]Prince Louis-Philippe

Louis-Philippe was born in Lisbon, as the oldest son of Charles, Duke of Braganza (later King Charles I of Portugal) and of his wife Princess Amalia of Orleans. Louis-Philippe was given at birth the title Prince of Beira.

Two years after the birth of his father, Charles, Louis-Philippe became King of Portugal. Louis-Philippe was Crown Prince and the 20th duke of Braganza.

Louis Philippe ruled as regent In 1907 about Portugal when his father was abroad. That same year, Louis-Philippe visited the Portuguese colonies in Africa.

On 1 February 1908 , the Royal family of their Palace Vila Vioçosa back to Lisbon. When they were on their way to the Royal Palace in Lisbon were shots fired from the crowd on the coach. Louis-Philippe father King Charles I died immediately while Louis-Philippe twenty minutes later died. His younger brother Prince Emanuel survived the drama, but was hit in the arm. Queen Amalia remained unharmed.

Louis Philip died later than his father but he was never considered as King. His younger brother, Prince Emanuel, became King at the age of 18 as Emanuel II. He was the last King of Portugal.

Two years later, on 5 October 1910, brought an end to the Portuguese monarchy that had existed from 1193 .

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