Louis Van Hege (Uccle8 may 1889 -d. Dresden, 24 June 1975) was a Belgian football (soccer) Player at the beginning of the 20th century.

He played from 1906 to 1910 and for Union Saint-Gilles , in the summer of 1910 together with Roger Piérard and Maurice "Max" Tobias (both Louis team mates By Hege near Union Sint-Gillis) to AC MilanMilan, then still called Foot Ball Club. Louis By Hege saw his name in the Italian press soon became "Luigi" By Hege.

By Hege made very many goals and played himself such in the viewer that he in 1911 by the newspaper "La Gazzetta dello Sport" even was named the most popular soccer player in Italy.

By Hege was part of the "Front Wanderers", the traveling national military team during the first world war. At the end of the war, By Hege not go back to Italy and he again joined his former club Union Saint-Gilles. On February 17, 1920 , he played his first real international (Belgium-England Amateurs 3-1) and scored a goal.

Louis Van Hege played its last official international on 29 may 1924 (Sweden-Belgium 8-1), a contest within the framework of the O.S. 1924 in Paris. Although Venom be booked together with Dis Babe was the only Belgian who took out the required international level in this contest, heralded this defeat ("the disaster of Colombes") is also the end for an old hand as Venom. On 10 June 1924 played By Hege in the rematch with Sweden Belgium-5-0, then he found, however, the time has come to retire and his place in the national team and his club to leave to the young generation.

Louis Van Hege was at the General Assembly of the ROYAL BELGIAN FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION honoured on 29 June 1924 and received on that occasion the placket of the RBFA.