Luc Walker (Watermael-Boitsfort1 January 1963) is a Belgian chess Grandmaster. He is a Grand Master.

  • Luc takes part in the SWIFT In 1985 tournament in Brussels (participants: Karpov, Kortsjnoi, Torre, Timman, Ljubojevic, Romanishin, Miles, Zapata, Van der Wiel, Seirawan, J and Walker).
  • In July 1986 he conquers his first Belgian title with 10/12. In the tournament of Ostend he later retrieves his second master standard (he had taken his first standard on the Olympiads of Saloniki). End 1986 knows the FIDE him the title of IM.
  • In 1987 was Luc simultaneous to Ostend and designer at the KOSK in 2004 he starred in the chess Olympiad in Calvia together with Geert VaughnArthur Abolianin and Bruno Laurent.
  • From 18 June to 2 July 2005 in Warsaw the European individual Chess Championship 2005 that played with 10 points from 13 rounds was won by the Romanian Grandmaster Liviu-Dieter Nispeanu. Luc earned 5.5 points in this tournament.