Luis Miguel Sánchez Cerro (Piura12 August 1889 - Limaapril 30, 1933) was a Peruvian officer and president of Peru. As a Lieutenant-Colonel he made with a coupto end the 11-year dictatorship of Augusto Leguía y SalcedoManuel María Ponce Brousset after the Presidency had taken over for 2 days was Cerro on 27 August 1930chosen as new president.

After 6 months was sent in exile and replaced by Cerro Mariano Holguín as president. He introduced himself at the Peruvian presidential election of 1931 candidate for theUnión Revolucionaria and became president for the second time.

On 30 april 1933 shot Abelardo de Mendoza, a member of the Partido Aprista Peruano, him through the heart on the Hipódromo de Santa Beatriz. He stood here to 20,000 new recruits for a war with Colombia.