Mamadou Bâ ( Boke , April 1 1930 - Paris , May 26 2009 ) was a Guyanese politician .

Bâ was Muslim and from the ethnic group of the Fulbe . He studied financial economics and started his career at the Central Bank of Guinea , but fled the country in the 1960s for the regime of the first President of Guinea Sekou Toure . He was sentenced to death in 1969. Mamadou Bâ then worked for the World Bank in Washington , and the Ivory Coast .

After the death of Sekou Toure in 1984 and the coup of General Lansana Conte , he returned to Guinea. In 1993 he took part in the first multi-party presidential elections in the country, when Conte won. Bâ led opposition Conte and was until 2007 the leader of the "Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea" (UFDG), which was then headed by former Prime Minister Cellou Dalein Diallo . He died in May 2009 in France to cancer .

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