Mark Irma Albert Tai (Merksem5 January 1969) is a Flemish televisionand stageactorsingermusical artist and youth author.

Tai gained fame in Flanders by leading roles in the Park Home , and Cops. He also played guest roles in Daniels, among others, caught in the Act, and W817 'F.C. Champions. He was also seen in some movies. He was a guest in various programs, including many music shows like The Nuts club and star actor Star artist. In addition, he was four years wrapper on Ketnet and also a member and founder of the Ketnetband.

In addition to his work for television, he played his first musicalrol in 2000 as the title character in Peter PanCamelot followed and later Romeo and Juliet, from hatred to Love, with whom he also toured by Netherlands . In 2006 he won the Vlaamse musicalprijs for his role as Harrie in Mamma Mia!. In 2012 he appeared in Domino, the musical .

Further made Tai in 2006 his debut as youth author with the secret of too many Towers. Between 2007 and 2009 appeared the Weed Tearsin Visual Arts and in 2010follows his fifth book. He was nominated for several awards, including the Flemish books Books lion and the Golden poppy (SABAM). He has twice won the children's and youth jury Flanders in the category 10 to 12 years, for the secret of too many Towers in 2007 and for Weed Tears and small Caroluscode in 2008.

Tai is openly homosexual.


[hide]*1 early years

Early Years[Edit]Edit

Early life and education[Edit]Edit

At the age of fifteen did his first stage experience Tai on. However, his parents wanted to not follow that he went full time art education ; Instead, he studied in the last three years of his high school education youth care and graduated as an educator A2. [1[2]

In his spare time, he studied elocution and recitationmusic theory and percussion at the Music Academy in Merksem. [1along with fellow actor Mathias Sadeghi had Tai short time a group of, I tell ya. Accompanied on guitar they brought an ode to the Dutch-language song. However, the Group was quickly disbanded. [3]

Tai followed one year mime on a private school in Antwerp. [1he then studied half a year for a teacher in the normal school, but soon noticed that he was not fit for the job. [1[4he decided to go giveconfirmationcatechesis , something he has done six years. [5Here he considered to be priest , but saw the end of. [4Then he finally decided the creative side going out. He enrolled at the Department of Theatre of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where he was taught by, among others, Senne Rouffaer. He attended singing lessons at David Davidse and Peter De Smet. [2]

1993 – 1998: first rolls[Edit]Edit

Even before graduating in 1993 had a few roles in TV seriesTaina, including a guest role in Daniels, and a small role in the movie Ad fundum. In 1994 he got his first leading role, that of Bart Van de Woestijne in the Park. In addition, he appeared in Lili & Marleencaught in the Actoutside the Zonewittekerke and Court of Assizes. Right after the Park was discontinued, gave Tai a role in Home in which he until 1998 Bennie David would play. With the exception of a period in 1997, in which he had recordings for the mayors – this because it was unusual at that time at the VRT that an actor in two series to see at the same time was in a leading role. In addition to his work for television, he was very active with various theatre companies, including Takura t. and the Window Theatre.

1998 – 2007: success on different planes[Edit]Edit

[1][2]Tai and Ludo Hagos share photo cards from during the parade on Flikkendag in Ghent (2003).===Breakthrough with Cops[Edit]===

In 1998, Tai audition for a role in the successor caught in thesuccess series. This would end up in the role of Karthik P be Cops , for which he his role in Home had to drop. He formed a duo with Ludo Hagos, with whom the right clicked. [6regarding its other colleagues in the series, he was particularly impressed by the collaboration with Boudewijn de Groot – which he describes as "a monument" of his youth – and Jo Darke. [6]

Tai also made part of the police band – in addition to other Andrea CroonenberghsMargot De Ridder and hang vo. The group performed during Cops days and sporadically on other events. Tai also took some songs for the soundtrack of the series: I'll Be Your Morning Sky and All of My Heart on the first album, Having the Time of Our Lives and Keep Up the Fight on the second. He worked together with the composer by Cops, Sam Davies. During performances he especially numbers of others, mostly covert in Dutch. [7]

[3][4]The last cast of Cops on Flikkendag in Ghent(2007). From left to right: Mark Tai, Ludo HagosJo De Meyere, police chief Steven De Smet, Pascale Madden(bottom), presenter Geena Lisa (above), Mayor Daniël TermontIanka Fleerackers and hang vo.===Work at Ketnet and other TV activities[Edit]===

Cops was about simultaneous with Tai one of the wrappers on the youth channel Ketnet. Tai soon decided to work with Niels William The Lollipops, a band where he together with his brother Luk and sister Tine joined, into the Ketnetband. [8[9[10he was the frontman and the band brought along with two singles, my sanity and Float. The latter was also the title song for Baig and the Bagbag-jewel, a film based the eponymous book by Marc de Bel. Tai left the transmitter – and thus the Ketnetband – in 2002 the presentation work , because he could no longer combine with his other work. [11the band was not abolished, however, and is still active, albeit in a different formation.

In addition to Cops played Tai roles in W817F.C. Championsas long as it moves and the film Team Spirit. In addition he did dubbing for the two Cops-games. He was also a guest several times in music programs as show called BiebabeloelaThe Nuts clubThe Swing Palace and Voxpop. In early 2007 appeared Tai in an episode of the second season of So there is only one with the song Anne of Clouseau. He replaced Wim Soutaer, which here by health problems. [12the song was Also elected by the listeners of the program Neighbors at Verschueren on Radio 2. Tai was third in this preliminary round and could not qualify for the final rounds.

He was also one of the candidates in the second season of star actor Star artist. In this match he grabbed with his fourth place just next to the medals, but still, the amount of € 13.038 23 sang together for his charity, the Chiro Sint Jozef in Merksem – their premises were destroyed by a fire earlier. [13[14[15without the extra € 25,000, – for the winner was the second highest amount.

In the summer of 2007 challenged Tai Fata Morgana for the city of Aalst . [16]

Return to the theatre[Edit]Edit

Tahir left in his contract with Cops capture that he was allowed to make one trip each year, for example, to a musical. He was asked in 2000 for the title role in the musical Peter Pan of Music Hall. This marked his debut as musical actor. In 2001 he played the role of Mordred in the Music Hall- Camelotproduction, for which he by Director Frank Van Laecke personally was approached. [17Moreover, this musical in 2009 again produced by Festivara and outdoor musical; the exact same version as that of Music Hall, but with other actors. [18Tai was asked to the only solo show of Mordred to sing again, because of the limited vocal qualities of the performer of the character as of 2009. [19]

Still during Camelot won tain the role of Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet, from hatred to Love. With this production, he was to March 2003 in the Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp, in addition to including Davy Gilles, Veerle Casteleyn, Iris Vivian and Daisy Thys. With the original cast was there a cast album. Together with Gilles and Dieter Verhaegen the Kings he had with the song a hit in Flanders. The song was released on single and was for a time in the Flemish charts, of which twelve weeks on the first position. Because of the success in Flanders after the season was decided to tour with the production by Flanders and Netherlands. With a slightly modified cast pulled the musical between 27 January and 25 april 2004 along the Nieuwe Luxor Theater in Rotterdam, the grenslandhallen in Hasselt, the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam and the Chassé Theater in Breda to eventually return to the Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp. Just after the end of the round he was asked for a double role in the play Scrooge, a production of the Live Entertainment Foundation Foundation. [20]

Joop van den Ende theaterproducties decided in late 2005 to a Flemish version of the hit musical Mamma Mia! to start producing. [21[22Tai received the role of Harrie Buijs, one of the possible fathers,. [23the musical played from March to July 2006. [24[25[26[27In 2006 he won the Vlaamse musicalprijs for best supporting actor. [28]

2006 – 2007: debut as a youth author[Edit]Edit

In addition to acting in moviestelevision shows and singing in musicals wanted to write children's books also Tai. Manteau publishing house turned out to be excited for Tai ' idea and brought the secret of too many Towers in 2006 in stores. A year later it was all to the Sixth Edition. The book was nominated for the Books lionin 2007. [29a year later, the book to best elected by the children's and youth jury Flanders in the category 10 to 12 years. [30]

2007-present: shift in work[Edit]Edit

[5][6]Tai thanks its fans on the last Flikkendag in Ghent(2008).===2007-2009: the end of Cops[Edit]===

In 2007, the VRT known to want to stop Cops after the tenth season. [31Tai gave to not be happy with the decision, because it creates a piece of job security is lost. After ten years of Cops was Tai along with Ludo Hagos the only remaining original cast member of the series. They interpreted their roles also In 2005 just outside Flikken, namely in Urbain. Tai and Hagos got on the police party in 2009 starred in the Kinepolis cinema Ghent for ten years P and J. [32]

2007-2009: Weed Tearstrilogy and theatre shows[Edit]Edit

Tai continued his success as a youth author with the trilogy about the schoolboy Weed Tears and the adventures he and his friends. [33With his first book in this series, Weed Tears and the little Caroluscode, he was nominated for the Charles Verleyenprijs 2007 and he received a nomination for the second year in a row for the books lion. [34[35in addition to his book best was elected to the category 10 to 12 years by the children's and youth jury Flanders. [36the second part of the series, Weed Tears and the really nice Judges, was nominated for this award, but did not win. [37the third part, Weed Tears and Sint-Preventia in de Gloria, was released in May 2009.

In 2007 and 2008 toured Tai by Flanders with his musical one-man show. Along with a seven-piece band he ever brought a mix of Dutch- and English-languagesongs, self written and covered, topped with some humor. Tai let himself during the Antwerp book fair in 2007 during a read-aloud time accompanied by a pianist.He spent here the song Mommy, tell me why from Weed Tears and small Caroluscode . [38Following in september 2008 was the kick-off for Mark tain plays Rudi Kolibri, a show that was completely built around Tai ' books. He replaces the Flemish schlager singer Rudi Colibri herein from the Tears trilogy. The show consisted of, among other things, reading-aloud moments and pieces from songs of Colibri. In 2009, this show was renamed the great Mark Tai theatre show, where more attention was paid to the musical portion of the show – so the band was expanded with a drummer and a bass player.

On 1 september 2008 began Tai as drama teacher at Fontys Hogeschool in Tilburg, to several hours a week to teach drama to the musical Department. [39also in 20092010 school year he was working for this educational institution. [19]

2009-2011: book on King Arthur and sequel to Weed Tears-series[Edit]Edit

Tai worked in 2009 on a new book, based on the King Arthurstories around. As in his other books are the leading roles played by children. [40the book, the Knights of the round kitchen table, tells the Arthurian legend with as main characters only children. The adventures are the same, but play out "on children size". [41the Knights of the round kitchen table was nominated for the Golden poppy, a prize awarded by theSABAMauthors Association, in the category Youth authors. [42[43Further, the book was nominated for the children's and youth jury Flanders 2012. [44In 2011 touring Tai with a new theater show, which is entirely built around his fifth book. To promote there is recorded a cd with songs from the show. [41This theatre show was discontinued around april 2011 for a year, because Tai is working behind the scenes with another, unspecified project. [17]

In 2010 worked Tai his sixth youth book. Although he had previously indicated not to continue on the Weed Tearstrilogy, is in consultation with its Publishing House decided to do a sequel to the series. [41Weed Tears and the ninth company of hotheads appeared on 15 March 2011. In this state the central classical music . [17]

2010 – present: Guest roles and return to theatre[Edit]Edit

In the first year after stopping Cops is Tai little has been active as an actor. The work at Fontys has since been stopped, but he still teaches in theater, now at Camerata Productions. [45in addition to the books he writes also plays; from 24 February 2012, a version of its hand in the Theater to the flow in Antwerp. [46in addition, he worked in 2011 to its new youth novel, the Chronicles of Lazarus: windmill blades, which appeared on 24 March 2012. [47[46[48he Further contributing to a new language method for primary education, "the language gang". He wrote for this method some stories for the fifth and sixth grade. [49In March 2013 appears again a youth novel, picked out of the air, or how Ricky saves the world. [50]

In 2010 did some concerts with the Maxemillecorde Tai, a String Orchestra conducted by Max Smeets, under the title Golden Musical Moments. [51In the beginning of that year he was already returned to theater withVenice in the snow, a stage production of the Fakkelteater. The piece played from 30 april to 30 May. [52[53on January 8, 2011, he was to see again on television in his second guest role in F.C. Champions, now on the side of Andrea Croonenberghs. [54Both grabbed their role from CopsKarthikeyan P respectively and Ray Madigan, for this occasion back on. on 23 May of that same year appeared in the final in a one-time guest star Tai episode of the sixth season of the television series Zone city. [55he also had guest roles in MissingMega Mindy-special Mega Toby saves the racethe sons of of ashThe Pentagon and Danz. [56][57]

In 2012 is Tai – for the first time since Mamma Mia! in 2006 – in a musical, Domino. In this musical, with the numbers of Clouseau, he plays Marc de los Reyes, the ex of the title character Domino (Deborah De Ridder). [58Tai was personally approached by Director Frank Van Laecke to audition for this musical. [46From december 2012 will Tai show as Oliver Warbucks in the Flemish version of the musical Annie, a role previously in Flanders was played by Pol Goossen and Debbie deal. [59Tai ran during a tryout a muscle tear in his foot and had to be transported to the hospital. Understudy Raymond Kurvers took over the role during the show and also played during the last try-out at the place of Tai. [60Tai has the premiere and subsequent performances played with a walking stick. Because of his injury were made some adjustments in the staging. [61]

In september 2013 appears the first part of a five-part book series titled the gang of Teiresia. Of this series is to play a new part every six months. [62]


Private Life[Edit]Edit

In July 2000, its own management office founded Tai called on nine out of ten Productions. [63the company was active until 2008, mainly as a production company for Tai ' theater productions. [38]


Tai has deployed throughout his career for various charities. For some years he was associated with the Make-A-Wish-band. [64he also worked in January 2005 to Musicals and More, an occasional concert forTsunami 1212. [65in addition, he raised with his participation in star actor Star artist money for the Music of Saint Joseph in Merksem. He also continued with some actors in Copsfor Bednet. [66]



Year Organization Production Role Comments
Theater Specifications Ridiculous Love
1988 – 1989 Royal Youth Theatre The Golf
1993 – 1994 Takura T. Faustus
Theater Antigone The short life of Jan-Willem
1994 – 1995 Koninklijke Nederlandse Schouwburg The Kitchen
Theater Antigone The short life of Jan-Willem Revival
Takura T. Karamazov
Faustus Revival
1996 – 1997 Karamazov Revival
Royal Youth Theatre Happy birthday, dear Jelena
King thrushbeard and the girl that Princess was
1997 – 1998 The man of cake bread
1998 Raamtheater Skylight Eduard
2000 – 2001 Music Hall NV Peter Pan Peter Pan
2001 Camelot Mordred
2002 – 2003 Romeo and Juliet, from hatred to Love Benvolio
2004 Netherlands-Flanders-round
2004 – 2005 Live Entertainment Foundation Foundation Scrooge Frederric Holywell/

Ghost Jacob Marley

2006 Joop van den Ende theatre productions Mamma Mia! Harrie Buijs
2008 – 2009 9 out of 10 Productions Mark Tai plays Rudi Colibri Himself/Rudi Colibri
2009 – 2010 The Great Mark Tai Theatre show Himself/Rudi Colibri
2010 Fakkelteater Venice in the snow Kristof
2012 VTM Domino, the musical Marc De Los Reyes
2012 – 2013 Music Hall/ Albert Verlinde Entertainment Annie Oliver Warbucks


Year Production Role Comments
1993 Danz Flowers Delivery Afl. 2.10, Flowers
1993 – 1994 The Park Bart Van de Woestijne
1994 Outside the Zone Rich Man's Son Afl. 1.05, Money
1994 – 1995 Wittekerke David
Lili & Marleen Robert of the White Brigade
1995 – 1998 At home Bennie Dave
1997 Caught In The Act Yuri Wahab Afl. 2.07
The Mayors Filip De Dekker
1999 Court of Assizes Roel Dawson Afl. 2.12, the case Verburgt – who the shoe fits ...
1999 – 2009 Cops Karthik P
2001 W817 Marc Useweels Afl. 46

Afl. 47

2004 F.C. Champions Roberto Afl. 14.08, O solo mio
2005 Urbain Karthik P
As long as it Moves Anne Sissy & Rose Sissy PersiflageKoby: the moevie
2011 F.C. Champions Karthik P Afl. 21.06, exploit
Zone Stad Charles Maduro Afl. 6.13, Private
2012 Mega Mindy Announcer Special: Mega Toby saves the race
Missing Unknown Afl. 3.04, Lisa
The sons of of ash Jos Gabriel Afl. 1.09
The Pentagon Unknown Multiple episodes
Danz Customer Assisstant Afl. 20.13, deliriously happy
2013 Family Robert Palmer Afl. 4991-5004
Inside Out Frank Verstappen Afl. 36, on reflection
Year Production Role Comments
1993 Ad Fundum Student
2000 Team Spirit Colleague Jean-Marc
Games (dubbing)
Year Production Role Comments
2005 Cops – game: the pursuit Karthik P (voice) Original dubbing
2007 Cops – game 2: murder in hotel Ganda Flemish dubbing




Other recordings[Edit]Edit

  • 1999- I Won't Let You Down, with The Hope Band
  • 2000- I am never large, from the musical Peter Pan
  • 2001- the seven silly virtues, from the musical Camelot

Other compositions (incomplete)[Edit]Edit

  • 2007- The animals big band
  • 2007- Mommy, tell me why, originally from Weed Tears and the small Caroluscode – as Rudi Colibri
  • 2008- the hero – if Rudi Colibri
  • 2008- the song of the tough Crusaders with their frank b. – if Rudi Colibri
  • 2008- the song of Indigo – if Rudi Colibri
  • 2008- Caramel – if Rudi Colibri

[7][8]The books of Mark Tai of 2006 till 2012===Bibliography[Edit]===

The gang of Teiresias

Nominations and awards[Edit]Edit



  • 2007- Books lion – the secret of too many Towers
  • 2007-Karel Verleyenprijs – Weed Tears and small Caroluscode
  • 2008- Books lion – Weed Tears and small Caroluscode
  • 2009-children's and youth jury Flanders, category 10 to 12 years – Weed Tears and the really nice Judges
  • 2010-2011 Golden poppy, category Youth authors – the Knights of the round kitchen table
  • 2012-children's and youth jury Flanders, category 10 to 12 years – the Knights of the round kitchen table
  • 2014-children's and youth jury Flanders, category 10 to 12 years – the Chronicles of Phiroz Mill blades
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