Mark Wingett (Melton Mowbray1 January 1961) is an English actor. He plays under more Jim Carver in the police series The Bill .

As a child closed Wingett joined the National Youth Theatre. His film debut was in 1979 in the film Quadrophenia, where he the role of Dave, a reckless and rebelliousmod, played. Because the film was x-rated, he was legally too young to view his own debut. A year later, he appeared in the film Breaking Glass .

Wingett and Trudie Goodwin were the only two characters who appeared in the pilot episode of The Bill. From 1984 to 2005, he played the role of Jim Carver, in March 2007 he returned back in the series. This related to the departure of Trudie Goodwin from the series.

In 2005 appeared Wingett for a week in the soap opera EastEnders as Mike Swann. Later in the year he came back in the soap EastEnders and he left in March 2006 final. He is the British voice-over for the American television series American Chopper .

Wingett has two children. He does like to scuba diving and fishing.