Martin Stanley Reza Sitalsing (Paramaribo11 January 1962) is a Dutch former police officer of Surinamese descent.

In 1970 came the family with 4 children temporarily to Netherlands, but they would not return. During his time as a student, he lived in Zaandam. After the atheneum , he started working on an accounting firm. He wanted to actually prefer to the police but that his parents were against it. After his mother had died in 1984 he still made that switch. In 1985, Sitalsing in Amsterdam as an agent working for the police and a few years later, he began his training at the Dutch Police Academy after which he came back as Inspector . Within the Amsterdam police, he was project leader large-scale action and acting team leader public policy.Around 1996 he was teamchef aliens police and from 1998 the pipe 's teamchef district.

On september 1, 2000, at the request of Bernard Welten switched to the police in the region of Groningen where he was police chef of Groningen and Haren. Commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior in 2004 he worked several months in his homeland at the police corps of Suriname. He made during that temporary stationing of the opportunity to do research in the framework of his doctoral study public administration at theFree University of Amsterdam.

As of 1 april 2005 he was appointed as Deputy Chief of police of the police region Friesland as a successor of French B who was police chief in Drenthe.

On October 1, 2009, Martin Sitalsing appointed the police Chief of Twente. He was the first immigrant in Netherlands Chief of police.

Martin Sitalsing is the father of Senna Sitalsing of the duo Anna and Senna that has represented Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010, which aired on november 20, 2010.

In January 2012, he was Managing Director of the Bureau Jeugdzorg Groningen.


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