Massimo De Santis (Tivoli8 april 1962) is an Italian football referee active at the global level. De Santis was one of the 23 referees during the 2006 World Cup in Germany, but had to miss the tournament after being the talk of the town came because of a large-scale bribery scandal in Italy.

De Santis flute since 2002 on international employed by the FIFAUEFAand the. Among other things he refereed games in the UEFA Cup, the UEFA Champions League and in EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS and World Cup qualifiers-.

De Santis is proven guilty on 14 July 2006 for his role in the bribery scandal in the Italian serie a. the punishment that this referee gets is 4.5-year suspension. De Santis has the ability to appeal against this ruling.

Police Commissioner, began whistling in 1979 in the Tivoli region to eventually in 1995 his first Serie A match to whistle, Sampdoria-Brescia. The talk of the town in 2000, because he came during Juventus-Parma one goal by Fabio Cannavoro unjustly decried and has since been regarded as pro-Juventus. In the same year, he was international referee.

In 2001 he led the return match in the final of the Coppa Italia between Fiorentina and Parma and in 2005 he refereed the final of the Super Cup between Juventus and Inter. during the Olympic Games in Athens(2004) he refereed the quarter final between Paraguay and South Korea. He has 160 refereed Games In Serie A and in 2006 he was nominated as a referee for the World Cup in Germany.

However, a month before the World Cup in Germany would start, in May 2006, being intercepted phone calls that he turned out to be involved in the Calciopoli or Moggiopoli large bribery scandal that is called in Italia. From those conversations revealed he has an important role to play in this scandal and he might even to head up the by him self established "Combriccola Roma", the gang of Rome. Because of the Fifa decided to investigate The Santis no longer at the World Cup to make it whistle.

In July 2006 the Italian umpire Committee decided (the CAF) De Santis for four and a half years to stay proceedings because of his involvement in Calciopoli. This penalty was taken over by the regional court of Lazio.

On 30 april 2007 The Santis together with Luciano Moggi in a soccer program on television in which he suggested never to have had any contact with Luciano Moggi, the ex-Director of Juventus. A few weeks earlier, he had gotten the message of the Court of Naples that the investigations into his involvement in the sport fraud are closed.


event wed [1] [2] [3]
Friendly 2 3 1 2
UEFA Cup 4 18 0 1
UEFA Champions League 14 57 0 0
UEFA EC qualification 2004 2 4 0 1
UEFA WC qualification 2004 6 26 1 1
2006 FIFA World Cup 0 0 0 0
Total 28 108 2 5