Mat Hoffman (Edmond, Oklahoma9 January 1972) is considered as one of the best American BMXvert-park ' ers ever. Mat Hoffman runs a company called Hoffman Bikes.

Mat is among other things famous for the fact that he was the first to a "900" did in competition and he did also as first a backflip (originally of dirt came) in vert. Mat came back from ' retirement ' in 2002 to participate in the X-Games, where he is one of the most impressive stunts ever did, that no one has been able to impersonate him so far: the "no-handed 900". Note: Mat said that if he had done the stunt not no-handed, that could be because he never landed he then began much too fast to turn, and by spreading his arms, he went slow enough to land the trick perfectly. Also he came a few times in Jackass .

In 2002 wrote his autobiography, Hoffman called The ride of my life.