Christian Michel (Michael) Cambridge ( Suriname (district) , November 18 1930 ) was a Surinamese politician and economist.

He began his career as a teacher and later came to the Netherlands where he graduated in 1965 at the Free University of Amsterdam . Back in Suriname was Cambridge economist working at the office Hydropower Works (BWKW). In 1967 he became a member of the provincial for the National Party of Suriname (NPS). End of 1973, he became Minister of Construction in the first cabinet of Prime Minister Arron where his predecessor Frank Processed became his adviser. Four years later, Cambridge remained in the new cabinet to the same ministry. In February 1980 an end to that minister came by Sergeant Coup led by Desi Bouterse . After a few days in hiding have been he volunteered as Arron and some deposed ministers after explicit guarantees from the National Military Council (NMR) that would happen to them. anything In January 1981 Cambridge was released from prison but still under house arrest for alleged corruption, until it became clear that their investigation has yielded nothing. Cambridge holds awards include Suriname and the Netherlands ( Commander in the Order of Orange-Nassau ).

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