Michael Polanyi (Budapest1891 – 11 March Northampton22 February 1976) was aBritishHong owners-Jewish scientist primarily involved in physical chemistry andphilosophy. With his ideas about implicit knowledge (also called "tacit knowledge"), he gave an important contribution to the knowledge and science, and also the philosophical anthropology.

Michael Polanyi is the brother of Karl Polanyi, a well-known economist. He is also the father of John C. Polanyi, who in 1986 received Nobel Prize in chemistry .

Important works[Edit]Edit


  • Polanyi, m. (1946), Science, Faith and Society
  • Polanyi, m. (1951), The Logic of Liberty
  • Polanyi, m. (1958), Personal Knowledge
  • Polanyi, m. (1959), The Study of Man
  • Polanyi, m. (1964), Personal Knowledge: Towards a Post-Critical Philosophy
  • Polanyi, m. (1966), The Tacit Dimension
  • Polanyi, M. & Prosch, H. (1975), Meaning
  • Polanyi, m. (1969), Knowing and Being

Articles and essays[Edit]Edit

  • Polanyi, m. (1965), "The Structure of Consciousness", Brain, vol. 88, part IV, pp. 799-810.
  • Polanyi, m. (1966), "The Creative Imagination", Chemical Engineering News, vol. 44, no. 17.