Michiel Van Caeneghem (Eine1893 - March 3, Saint-Gilles2 June 1940) was a Belgian Professor and was as active in the Flemish movement.

He was the son of Keith Valli (1860-1944) who was a leading figure in the Flemish Catholic movement. This was one of the founders of the teachers Trade Union in the region of Oudenaarde. The basis of what became the Christian Educators Association (COV) would be.

In 1914 was Michiel war volunteer and spent four years at the Iron front to study further afterwards. He was Licentiate in commercial and financial Sciences and master in the colonial and Consular Sciences. After he first teacher was, he gave a command to the Ghent University and became professor there in 1935.


Michiel Van Caeneghem was one of the founders of the Flemish Economic Union, present a part of the current Voka. The VEV was founded in 1926 in Ghent in the trade fair, following the Flemish Economic Kongres.Lieven Gevaert became the first President, Valencia the first Secretary. The Flemish Economic Union became the successor of the Flemish Trade Association that was founded in 1908 by Leo Mac (1880-1963). [1[2][3]

The family Valeria was in 1920 moved to Aalter , following the appointment of brother Maurits Van Caeneghem (1888-1959) to curate. In 1926 married their sister Maria (1896-1961) with the later Mayor Raymond Vargas. Michiel Van Caeneghem was buried after his death in 1940 in Aalter.