Mohammed Aman, also known as Mohammed Gelato (Asela10 January 1994) is an Ethiopian athlete, who specializes in the middle distance and, in particular, the800 m. On that part, he obtained various successes at the juniors and he became the youngest ever world indoorkampioen. He also has the best performance ever to his name on the 800 m out-and indoor at the B-Juniors (U18). He represented his native country at the Olympic Games of 2012 (London). He won the world title In 2013 with the seniors.


[hide]*1 Biography


Early career: too young[Edit]Edit

Mohammed Aman was born in Asela, where among other former Olympic champion Haile Gebrselassie also is born. As a city boy, he started at the age of twelve withrunning by a program of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation. [1the talent of Aman was soon clear: Aman made his international debut with fourteen years in Abaju, where he 1.50, 24 ran. A year later, in 2009, he improved to 1.46, 34 and he also ran at the African Junior Championships to a first position in the 800 m. From an investigation, led by the IAAF in 2011 turned out however, that Aman had been at those championships are not old enough to take part. [2in order to take part in international Junior Championships should an athlete in the relevant year be at least sixteen years. As Aman was born on 10 January 1994 he was ten days too young to start to be entitled.The title hit Aman thereby away from politics.

A year later Aman took part in the first edition of the summer youth Olympic Games. On the 1000 m , he won the gold in 2.19, 54. In the 800 metres he was less successful. He came no further than 1.48, 50, more than two seconds over his time of the year.


In the year 2011 grabbed the title at the African Junior Aman be legitimate Championships. As a result, he was also a favorite for the title at the World Junior Championships that same year. [3he was eventually defeated by Leonard Kosencha Kirwa, who in the final unofficial world record for B-junioren improved to 1.44, 08. Aman ran itself 1.44, 68, which was good for a national record. Aman also qualified for the World Championships in Daegu. 17-year-old athlete reached the semifinal here quite easily, which he surprisingly won in a national record of 1.44, 57. In the final he came however deficit and he finished eighth and last in 1.45, 93. In the postseason by 2011 at a competition in surprised everyone by Aman Milan world record holder David Rudisha to beat, which since the World Cup in 2009 no one was successful. [4Also further to the national record and improved sharpness Aman he also record with the B-Juniors of Leonard Kosencha Kirwa to 1.43, 37, at the Rieti Meeting.

World indoorkampioen[Edit]Edit

The indoor season by 2012 was excellent for Aman, who in Istanbul at the 2003 IAAF World Indoor Championships in the 800 m to the gold medal to knew Sai in 1.48, 36. He became both the youngest as the slowest world indoorkampioen on the distance. [5Aman dropped the 2012 World Junior Championships by Barcelona shooting to focus on the London Olympic Games. In London he could in the final misses to the medals. In the 800 metres he was sixth, but he improved his national record to 1.43, 20. Later during the Weltklasse Zürich he improved this further to 1.42, 53 and defeated for the second time David Rudisha, who since his previous defeat to Aman was unbeaten. [6thanks to this victory he remained Rudisha for in the classification of the Diamond League, making him a diamond worth $ 40,000 won.

World Champion[Edit]Edit

Mohammed Aman confirmed its newly won status In 2013 by on the World Cup in Moscow, in the absence of rival Rudisha, on the 800 m to claim the title for themselves in 1.43, 31. The American Nick Symmonds was second in 1.43, 55 and from Djibouti Ful Suleiman third in 1.43, 76. The icing on the cake of that year was his victory in the Memorial Van Damme, where he his own national record in the 800 m to 1.42, 37. He obtained also in the Diamond League series from 2013 the victory on this feature, and was again a precious diamond richer.


  • World Champion 800 m-2013
  • World indoorkampioen 800 m – 2012, 2014
  • Olympic Junior Champion 1000 m – 2010
  • African Junior Champion – 2009, 2011

Personal bests[Edit]Edit

Part Performance Date Place
800 m 1.42, 37 (NAT. rec.) 6 september 2013 Brussels
1000 m 2.19, 54 August 22, 2010 Singapore
1500 m 3.43, 52 12 June 2011 Brazzaville
1 miles 3.57, 14 4 June 2011 Eugene
Part Performance Date Place
600 m 1.15, 60 3 February 2013 Moscow
800 m 1.45, 05 (NAT. rec.) 21 February 2013 Stockholm

Performance Development[Edit]Edit

Year Performance
2008 1.50, 29
2009 1.46, 34
2010 1.48, 50
2011 1.43, 37
2012 1.42, 53
2013 1.42, 37


800 m[Edit]Edit

  • 2009: DQ African Junior camp. – 1.48, 82
  • 2011: [1]African Junior camp. – 1.46, 62
  • 2011: [2]World Championship for B-junioren – 1.44, 68
  • 2011: 8th WORLD CUP – 1.45, 93
  • 2012: world indoor championships [3]– 1.48, 36
  • 2012: 6th OS-1.43, 20
  • 2013: [4]WORLD CUP – 1.43, 31
  • 2014: IAAF World indoor championships [5]-1.46, 40
Diamond League-podium places

1000 m[Edit]Edit

  • 2010: [18]Youth Olympic Games – 2.19, 54