Mohammed Benzakour (N10 January 1972) is a Dutch columnistpublicistwriter and poet of Moroccan descent.


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Life Course[Edit]Edit

He was born in 1972 as a fourth child in the North-Eastern Morocco's Rifgedeelte . At the age of three he moved with his mother and his brothers to guest workerNetherlands, where his father was. He grew up in London and was later, during his study, Member of the City Council . He studied sociology and public administration, and went after graduating from the battle of two ministries in the Hague. But his career as a civil servant was short-lived because Benzakour rather wanted to write. In his own words, he spent much of his official career by ' on the toilet with the books by Gerard ReveSøren Kierkegaard and Jean-Jacques Rousseau'.

After a short period in service, among other things, the Group of the PvdA in the Second Room , he broke in February 1998 as a publicist when his first opinion article was published in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad . His plea for change of name of the ' Turk ' Zwijndrechtse Street (read back in his bundle Osama's Cave) took out all national newspapers as well as the tv, including the heart of Netherlands-SBS6 program. The radio discussion at brass tacks with the Zwijndrechtse Mayor Antoin Saad[1]led to a partial modification of the name of the street sign.

A few years later (2009) he would get heart of Netherlands again, this time by his successful protest action (among other signatures/petition) against the Zwijndrechtse Interstede Housing Corporation (since 2010: Trivire) about the ' Ghost lifts ' in an apartment complex. [2]

Benzakour is descendant of the Berbers, the original inhabitants of Morocco, which, however, since the invasion of the Arabs in the seventh century a suppressed minority in both economically and politically. About his complicated relationship with his origins and mother country has written extensively, including the recommended column Benzakour the Berber recommended (Passionate, 2006)[3], the travel story recommended recommended Not complaining about cockroaches (NRC Handelsblad, Saturday Supplement, May 2007)[4and the essay ' Miss Knulletjes from Gouda meaning ' (NRC Handelsblad and NRC Next) following the commotion due to Moroccan ring-leaders from the Goudase Oisterwijk. [5[6]

In 2003, Benzakour asked as Chairman of the Dutch branch of the AEL. The AEL is an interesting emanicipatieorganisatie and although Benzakour Dyab Abou Jajah a sharp debater, he beat this offer because it does not agree with all points of view and Benzakour themselves do not see as political leader. [7[8With his book "Abou Jajah, innovator who or scammer?" he spent in the Netherlands and Belgium political map, how in the journalism, opinion formers and police, justice and intelligence services are handled with Abou Jajah and his AEL. The conclusion of Benzakour is that Abou Jajah no scammer is but an innovative rebel who is demonized by an ill-informed and biased politics and media. [9in the presentation of this book was the first copy received by Hugo Brandt Corstius.

Benzakours conclusion was given extra relief when on 20 October 2008 Abou Jajah on appeal was cleared of libel and incriminating allegations, such as inciting violence during the riots in the Belgian Borgerhout, six years ago. [10]

After his play ' J ' in 2004 for the Amsterdam Cosmic Theater wrote the script for the youth theatre performance in 2007 Benzakour ' Revenge sisters ' [11][12.

When he was in 2005 by the then Minister of immigration, Rita Verdonk, was asked as an Ambassador for the & campaign has he publicly thanks, with the letter to Rita Verdonk [13]. To this letter is among other things by the Network news program paid attention. His performance at the talk show Pauw & Witteman was both following his lijstduwerschap at the party for the animals as for his column ' getting married is no fun '[14.

In October 2008 published Benzakour along with other prominent Moroccans in the Volkskrant a manifesto in which he made clear enough to have the Moroccan Government intervention in Netherlands. [15]

In a previously published article in the same newspaper, ' Only rich benefit in Morocco ', september 2008, he persuaded bright forward to Morocco and the human rights abuses of exploitation and oppression. [16]

In december 2008 in the NRC Handelsblad Benzakour argued that the newly founded the CCME (Conseil de la Communauté Marocaine a l'Etranger -Council for the Moroccan community abroad) not a democratic platform is but a new instrument in the hands of Morocco influence to the diaspora. [17In the same newspaper, in February 2009, the Moroccan names list that denounced Benzakour on consulates is used because those Berbers would discriminate. Echoing al-Zaïdi Muntasser, the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at Bush, called Benzakour on to the pelting of the Moroccan Embassy with ' handwoven Berber shoes '. [18]

During the 60 years celebration of the Universal Declaration of human rights in december 2008, held together with Mohamed Rabbae Benzakour (Ex-House Member for Greenleft) and Nico Salahuddin (lawyer international humanitarian law) a plea in Het Parool to George w. Bush to complain to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. [19]

About the bombing of Gaza and Israel on the-in his eyes-lax attitude of the international community wrote an indictment Benzakour (' the world cannot stay looking away ') in the NRC Handelsblad (5 January 2009) in which he the guilt complex (about the Holocaust during the Second World War) designated as an obstacle for intervention and a lasting solution. [20]

About the much-discussed integration note of the labour party ('Divided past, shared future'), chaired by Lilianne Ploumen, wrote a commentary in the newspaper Wedding Benzakour (born January 8, 2009), in which he the degradation of social-democracy principles and flirted with populist right noted. [21at the Congress in March that year the adjusted resolution integration at crucial points.

Along with Heleen Mees (jurist, Economist, columnist NRC Handelsblad and President of Women On Top) wrote in the news coverage about the Fables Benzakour and the debate around immigration of Jews and other types of girls circumcision (NRC Handelsblad and NRC Next, March 17, 2009). On april 10, 2009 are invited to play in the media programme Benzakour honesty is not the best to highlight their position again.

After the commotion that arose following an article in the Gay Newspaper over the Muslim philosopher Tariq Ramadan and later the commotion about the army imam Ali E responded in dagblad Trouw Benzakour (21 april 2009) with the article 'Islam critics put themselves above all look '. [22]

On 25 May 2009 Benzakours appeared in de Volkskrant article in which he argued that this is the best tactic to Wilders to him the power of the EUR 244.6 million administrative mandate. ' Let Wilders fine premier. 'This article provoked a storm of reactions from. [23]

Following the dismissal of Tariq Ramadan by the city of Rotterdam and Erasmus University (18 August 2009) wrote Benzakour (signed by 12 prominent scientists/writers) an open letter (21 August) in de Volkskrant.The dismissal was described as ' a shadowy political sparring game '. [24on the same issue he wrote along with philosopher and literature scientist Stine Jensen the piece ' why Ramadan not a scientist? ' [25]. the full version is among other things to read on the site Sargasso [26]. Also loved Benzakour an introduction during the debate in the Rotterdam Arminius Church (4 september 2009) where Tariq Ramadan in person was present and joined in debate with Marco Pastors (Leefbaar Rotterdam) and Councillor Rik Grashoff (Green left).

On February 8, 2010 in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad wrote Benzakour an open letter addressed to the Dutch Labour Party (signed by many prominent figures from ethnic and native corner), in which he reproached the labour party to take a position against the right-conservative populism. He said: the party is the immigrant voice so not worth it. Vote progressive, so it was his call. [27[28]

The famous polar bear Knut dies on 19 March 2011 in Berlin Zoo , the official cause of death: ' brain injury '. Benzakour on 24 March in NRC Next argues that the probably rather factors such as stress (due to fame and the circus surrounding it), mass hysteria, abandonment and lack of parental love that Knut be fatal. [29]

Mohammed Benzakour is a frequent speaker and panelist, hold lectures/lectures in Belgium and Netherlands and writes for, among other things, NRC Handelsbladde VolkskrantDe Groene Amsterdammer and literary magazines such as Dutch monthly magazine and the Guide. So he held in november 2008 in The Union (debate Hall Rotterdam) a lecture on the infamous ' diamond Skull ' of the controversial millionaire artistDamien Hirst. [30Benzakour is fixed Sentence for, among other things, the newsmagazine columnist and website We New. He has also since the beginning of 2009 the fixed section "Tour de Benzakour" at the radio program OBA Live.

In 2007, the Turkish Social Democratic Federation, with delegation in the City Council of Rotterdam, the initiative for the creation of the Monument to the guest workers in Rotterdam. In 2009, in collaboration with theCBK Rotterdam put together an Advisory Committee to the writer Mohammed Benzakour, son of one of the first Moroccan guest workers, and Visual artist Hans van Houwelingen commissioned a monument design.This design-restoration of the delapidated Naum Gabo (Beehive) and this is the name "Monument for guest workers"-proved too controversial and eventually got no green light from the Rotterdam college van B & W.[31]

With the huiskok of the NRC HandelsbladJanneke Vreugdenhil, he prepared a ' heretical ' vistajine together. [32]

In addition, he along with other Dutch celebrities (including Martin GausJan WolkersKees van KootenHarry MulischMaarten 't HartRudy kousbroek) eligible candidate at the party for the animals[33]. He was also the first Moroccan-Dutch columnist for a national newspaper, de Volkskrant. Initially he wrote for the annex Reflex, later for the media annex Power, weekly alternating with writer Joost Zwagerman, and finally on the op-ed Forum where he took the place of Maarten van Rossem. But this last column, he was lost in 2003 because he took over a couple of lines without attribution from De Groene Amsterdammer. [34Benzakour was aware of no harm. He gave as an explanation that because of personal circumstances and deadline-time pressure was the source of the quotation. He apologised, but found too heavy a plagiarism accusation.

In 2005 appeared "Osama's cave" – a bundle of previously published columns and articles about current issues, mostly related to the multi-cultural society.

In september 2008 he released his latest anthology "stinking-surgeons-clashes & reflections" at uitgeverij De Geus. Benzakour regularly publishes on the website ' ' and on that of Anja meulenbelt.


Benzakour won several prices. After the 1995, Part literary prize for poetry, and the Amsterdam Media price in 1999 (jury President Martin van Amerongen)[35he was awarded the silver Zebra in 2001 (jury ChairmanAad van den Heuvel). [36[37]

In June 2005, he was by the HypoVereinsbank awarded the peace prize for journalism 2005. He received the award from the hands of Anja meulenbelt, Journalist for the peace of 2004. [38The jury, consisting of executives from the HypoVereinsbank and previous prize winners, wrote in the jury report: "by his characteristic humour and cheerfulness are challenging beautiful writing style has Benzakour qualified at the talented Dutch publicists. His work contains a multitude of play with words and bold topics. "

At the end of 2009 was Benzakours bundle smelly surgeons nominated for the e. du Perron Prize. [39The jury report reported that Benzakour ' razor-sharp analyses, brilliant formulates and the reader always know to grab with surprising angles and forces to rethinking. [...] a strong literary polemicist inspired directly from the Forum tradition of Du Perron and Ter Braak seems to be derived. " [40]

In March 2014, he won the e. du Perron price 2013 with his novel Yemma. [41the jury writes: ' its observations and the feelings that came with him coming on, are at once social and General and personal and intimate. He makes of his documentary a literary achievement of the first order '.