Nicolaas ("Nico") Hessel Rienks (Tiel1 February 1962) is a former Olympic rowing champion. At the Olympics he did five times with it. He won Olympic Gold twice (Seoul1988 and 1996Atlanta), once bronze (Barcelona1992), a world title (Vienna1991) and three times silver at World Championships. He has the best Palmares ofDutch rowers.

On 9 december 2005 from the President of got Rienks NOC * NSF Erica Terpstra to the Oval Lingotto in Turin, along with figure skater Sjoukje Dijkstra, judoka Anton Geesink and the first skater Ard Schenk Fanny Blankers-Koen Trophy awarded.

He was affiliated with R.S.V.U. Okeanos and later William III in Amsterdamphysiologist and has a private company.


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Rowing Career[Edit]Edit


Seoul 1988[Edit]Edit

With Ronald Florijn , he won gold in the men's double sculls in Seoul led by his coach Jan Klerks. This was a completely unexpected victory not only for outsiders. The coach of Rad said afterwards: "if I had known, I was, we cycled instead of in the radio studio to sit down". With this medal does the Dutch rowing, since the gold of Jan Wienese (skiff) and the silver of Harry Droog and Leendert van Dis (double Scull) in 1968, for the first time seriously on an Olympic Games.

Wooden 1989 For its association to Amsterdam, Nico Rienks, Okeanos RSVU obtained the Golden Look in the Race of Old celebrate during the Varsity of 1989.

Barcelona 1992[Edit]Edit

In 1992 he did together with Henk-Jan Zwolle at the Olympics in Barcelona in the double Scull. Along with him, he was world champion in 1991. In Barcelona they won the only Dutch rowing participants a medal (bronze).

Atlanta 1996[Edit]Edit

After Barcelona started Rienks and Niels van der Zwan Holland Eight to the project that resulted in a gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics.

Sydney 2000[Edit]Edit

At the Olympics in Sydney did Nico Rienks along with the Holland eight II. He finished eighth in the small final.

Alpe d'HuZes 2009[Edit]Edit

In 2009 did Rienks to Alpe d'HuZes under the name of the Radio 2node kranenbargprogramme Team. 4


Rowing (single sculls)[Edit]Edit

  • 1985: 9th WORLD CUP-7.11, 93
  • 1987: 8th WORLD CUP-7.53, 21

Rowing (double sculls)[Edit]Edit

  • 1988: [1]OS-6.21, 13
  • 1989: [2]WORLD CUP-6.24, 68
  • 1990: 8th WORLD CUP 7.35, 86
  • 1991: [3]WORLD CUP-6.06, 14
  • 1992: [4]OS-6.22, 82

Rowing (double-four)[Edit]Edit

  • 1983: 8th WORLD CUP-6.01, 15
  • 1984: 9th OS-6.12, 41
  • 1986: 5th WORLD CUP-5.53, 62

Rowing (eight with coxswain)[Edit]Edit

  • 1993: 5th WORLD CUP-5.42, 79
  • 1994: [5]WORLD CUP-5.25, 10
  • 1995: [6]WORLD CUP-5.55, 54
  • 1996: [7]OS-5.42, 74
  • 1999: 4th World Cup I-5.46, 49
  • 1999: World Cup [8]III-5.26, 58
  • 1999: 5th WORLD CUP-6.10, 54
  • 2000: World Cup [9]I-5.59, 25
  • 2000: 8th World Cup III-5.42, 29
  • 2000: 8th OS-5.36, 63
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