Nico Scheepmaker ( Amsterdam , November 13th 1930 - Amsterdam, April 5 1990 ) was a Dutch (sports) journalist , poet and columnist .

Biography edit ]Edit

Originally he got his love of football with and during his military service in the Military Intelligence Service, he became acquainted with the Russian . He studied Slavic languages ​​and literature at the University of Amsterdam . Then he became a translator. Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak he translated into the Dutch .

In the 50s he was successful as a poet. His debut was the beam poetic cycle ( 1955 ) and in 1958 he received the Anne Frank Prize for young writers.

Scheepmaker then went into journalism. He wrote from 1957 columns in succession Sport sports world , Algemeen Handelsblad , Het Parool , de Volkskrant , Dutch Maandblad , Freedom Netherlands , International Football and GPD -sheets. He also had one time a column on Radio Veronica in sports are athletic and better by Henk van Dorp . His best-known pseudonyms were

  • Trijfel (a reference to the trifle , the GPD-sheets)
  • Hopper (in the Times)
  • Ivo Vette Shop (in sports world). The latter took Scheepmakersstraat a pseudonym in the 50s and 60s famous alliterative advertising "Paint Shop Fat".

As a sportswriter Scheepmaker was unique in its kind: where colleagues a balanced judgment on an entire game trying to give, he often focused on one player. He kept accurate track of how many times it had been on the ball and had much success of his actions. He was also for many years television critic. Behind the scenes, he contributed to the program and Mies scene ofMies Bouwman .

In his columns, he showed his affinity lists. He meticulously turfde eg forenames in the birth ads. In the late sixties spent Nico Scheepmakersstraat in his columns much attention to the dissident movement in the former Eastern Bloc . That was not appreciated by everybody from the left circle of journalists, as Loe de Jong and Karel van het Reve he was unjustified reputation as a right-communistenvreter.

Some well-known books Scheepmaker his Cruyff , Hendrikus Johannes phenomenon (1972), the young father book (1977), Insane fifteen (fifty years of sports journalism) (1978), whispering Book (1982), Theo Koomen life in words and pictures ( 1986) and Rembrandt has never played football (1989). Posthumously published an anthology of his work over everything (compiled by Tim Krabbé ) (1991). The beam Trijfels(Composed by Hans Heesen and Harry Jansen ) contains a selection of 200 of the approximately 4,000 Trijfels he wrote (Thomas Rap, 2006).

In 1990 Nico Scheepmaker was hit during a game of tennis with a heart attack. He died at the age of 59.

Scheepmaker would term Droste effect have devised. [1] Since 2004, annual Nico Scheepmaker Cup awarded for the best sports book.