Nyk de Vries ( Noordbergum , January 2 1971 ) is a writer and poet of prose poems in both Dutch and Frisian . He is also a guitarist of the band Meindert Talma & the Negroes .


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Writer edit ]Edit

In 2000 Nyk de Vries debuted with the novel Rezineknyn "at publishing Frisian and Frij and three years later the translation 'Rozijnkonijn "at publishing Passage . The story is largely set in his native village.

Along with Meindert Talma Nyk de Vries was the editor of the magazine The Blue Fedde. In 2001 a book of interviews came from the first, titled "The Blue Fedde Yn Petear" (trans. "Blue Fedde busy"): a collection of fifteen life stories of quirky Frisians . The book is published by Friese Pers Boekerij which then also the further work of Nyk de Vries is released.

In 2006 , the novel also Frisian 'Prospero', which is working on a Dutch translation appears.

In the Frisian literary magazine Hjir Nyk de Vries has been publishing since 2003 are prose poems . These are included in "Motorman" in 2007, appeared simultaneously in Dutch and Frisian. The presentation took place in Paradiso , Amsterdam .

Musician edit ]Edit

Nyk de Vries his musical career began in Friesland as singer / guitarist of the English rock group The Amp Then he joined as a guitarist with the band Meindert Talma & the Negroes .

Bibliography edit ]Edit

  • Rezineknyn (2000), Frisian novel; Rozijnkonijn (2003), Dutch translation
  • Blue Fedde Yn Petear (2001), Frisian interview book, ed Nyk de Vries and Meindert Talma
  • Prospero (2006), Frisian novel
  • Motorman (2007), Dutch and Frisian prose poems
  • I drove to the south (2010), Belcampo series Accidentally
  • Things happen because they rhyme (2011), collection of prose poems
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