Okilani Tinilau ( Nukulaelae , January 2 1989 ) is a Tuvaluan athlete and footballer . He specializes in the sprint , the 100m , he has participated in several major tournaments. He is multiple Tuvaluan record too.  Tinilau also was part of the national team at the last major tournament, the Pacific Games in 2011, the Tuvaluan football played. Tinilau is multiple international, he has three games to his name.


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Athletics edit ]Edit

Okilani made ​​at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing part of the first (three-headed) Tuvaluan selection . [1] During these Games, he came out on the 100 m sprint . He was fourth last, but improved to 11.48 s or the Tuvaluan record.  Tinilau In subsequent years, participated twice in the World Athletics Championships , where he also finished in the rear.

Personal records Edit ]Edit

Part Performance Date Place
100 m 11.44 s (+1.2 m / s) (nat. rec.) June 21, 2011 Apia
200 m 23.73 s (nat. rec.) August 6, 2009 Gold Coast
skip 7.02 m (-0.6 m / s) (nat. rec.) June 23, 2011 Apia
hop, skip and jump 13.61 m (-1.1 m / s) (nat. rec.) June 22, 2011 Apia

Honours edit ]Edit

100 m edit ]Edit

  • 2008: 77 OS - 11.48 s
  • 2009: 82nd World - 11.57 s
  • 2011: 24th in qualifying round World Cup - 11.58 s

jump edit ]Edit

  • 2011: 5th South Pacific Games - 6.68m
  • 2011: [1]Oceanic camp. Western Region - 7,02 m

hop, skip and jump edit ]Edit

  • 2011: [2]Oceanic camp. Western Region - 13,61 m

[3][4]Okilani in action against Vanuatu==Football Edit ]==

In 2011 Okilani played for the Tuvaluan football team during the 2011 Pacific Games . That team was then temporarily coached by Foppe de Haan . [2] He played three games, which once as a substitute. He played the matches as a midfielder. All games in which he played were lost. [3]

Okilani also plays in the Tuvaluan football. He plays for FC Manu Laeva . His brother is Soseala Tinilau referee at the Tuvaluan football.

In the NBT Cup in 2012, he was top scorer with five goals.

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