Olav Mol (January 20, 1962) is a Dutch commentator and presenter of the Formula 1.

Mol was dj for his racing adventure, but does now since 1991 the formula 1 comment. First for the NOS and RTL 5 later for when future formula one was broadcast on that channel. In 1998, Formula 1 in 1999 to RTL 4 and RTL 5 moved again to. All these time well-kept Mol also here the comments.

Mol moved In 2004 to SBS 6 from now on, when formula one was broadcast on that channel. Since 2007, Formula 1 back to RTL (on RTL 7) and he takes care of comment again. In his time at SBS 6, he also presented other programmes, including Red Bull Flugtag and two editions of Domino Day. Mol is also author of the booksalong the guardrailGas on the shelf and Dakar 2007. He was also a columnist for the magazine the fixed Formula1 .nl. Since 2006 he is a participant in the Dakar rallyoutside competition, he controls than a Volkswagen Touareg for the MAN-team.

Mol is known for his energetic style of reporting.

Personal life.[Edit]Edit

Mol moved with his family In 2004 of Vleuten to Alicante on the Costa Blanca in Spain. He was married, has a twin and has become Grandpa. Magar died In 2010 woman at the consequences of cancer [1.

Television programs[Edit]Edit