Paul Henri de Leeuw (RotterdamMarch 26, 1962) is a Dutch comediantelevision presentercomedianproduceractor and singer. His television programmes and music are frequently awarded. He has been repeatedly voted most popular presenter/presenter in Netherlands and most popular foreign television personality in Flanders.On March 2, 2013 he won the Flemish television star 2012 in the category best entertainment program for its program M Paul.


[hide]*1 Biography


The lion was born in Rotterdam-Feijenoord and grew up in a Protestant family. He grew up partly on in Rotterdam and partly in lekkerkerk,[1where he has been sitting on different primary schools. He went to the student on the Krimpenerwaard in Krimpen a/d IJssel, after the merger with the Diederik van Alkemade mavo in 1992, better known as the Krimpenerwaard College, and took out there are havodiplomalater. After the havo followed the Lion the teacher training in Delft. Here he discovered his artistic talents. He joins the toneelacademie Maastricht, but failed the selection.

In 1983 did the lion along with Cameretten in Delft, where he got the personality price. In 1984 he presented the festival. A year later he was the pause number during theOpening Gala in the Koninklijk Theater Carré to mark the 10th anniversary of the Engelenbak. He sang the song Fly with me. Thanks to the enthusiastic response of the Hall got the Lion an invitation to perform in the program by Sonja Barend.


Paul de Leeuw on 1 June 1986 made his radio debut in that Dear Paul on Sunday of four to six hours at the KRO was broadcast on Radio 3 . In Dear Paul he solved relationship problems from listeners on with help of producer Paul van der Lugt and Jeroen Keers. After his move to the VARA in the late 1980s, he was succeeded by the Medical Center West 's famous actress Erna Sassen and the program was renamed theBlissful love line .

In the late 80 's/early 90 's he had at VARA the morning program the lion wakes up from 7 am to 9 am on Radio 3. A known item herein was performed by himself and pronunciation puppetry Paulus de Heide k, in which he himself also supplied all the voices of self invented or existing animals and people and if persiflage on Paulus the woodgnome .

He also did in this time in a series The Appelmoes Street is different, based on the book written by Joke van Leeuwen .

Television Debut[Edit]Edit

The lion came in 1985 at the NCRVtelevision show Quick-setting cement, which even then was presented by pop Gep quick-setting cement with the voice of Simon van Leeuwen.

In the summer of 1987 was the lion guest presentation in the program known by its Star battle of the AVRO next to Sandra Reemer, in particular by his statement: "Mr. Ventura, we are ready!" (against former hockey coach Wim van Heumen (1928 – 1992), who, at the time, the referee was). He then also introduced the expression "Unfortunately, peanut butter!". In 1988 was to see The Lion in the youth drama series Switch .

90 's[Edit]Edit

The lion got his own television program In 1990 at VARA: the cry of the Lion. Especially the broadcast about aids, with René Klijn, makes an impression. The lion received the Bronze Rose at the Montreuxtelevision festival in. He received the J.B.Broekzprijs for the broadcast around his disabled niece Isha. Especially in the early years the lion fell out for its sometimes hard and coarse sense of humor, which made him popular but also notorious. Some comments even spoke of "afzeik TV".

[1][2]The Seth and Fiona-decor

In 1991 brought the lion from his cd for you Majesty . This allows, inter alia, the song Fly with me, that was a big hit. His biggest hit, I don't want you lie (cover by Laura PausiniLa Solitudine of), stood in 1994 nine weeks at number one in the Mega Top 50. It was the second best selling single that year. During the 90s brought the Lion from multiple CDs. In 1997 he passed the limit of 1 million sold CDs in Netherlands.

In 1994, he had the lead role in the comedy series devised by him Seth & Fiona and hosted the program for Maws close! the VARA, that ran only one season.

In 1995 presented the Lion part 16 of children for children and sang in it the song 100 hobbies. Also, he released the feature film in the cinema movie! , around its familiar characters Bob and Anthony das. The lead role was played by the lion itself, with Rijk de Gooyer and Olga Zuiderhoek in supporting roles. The film is a parody of many successful movies like Pulp Fiction, peppered with lots of typical "the lion-humor".

In 1996, he released the cd from Encore for which he received the Golden Harp of the Foundation Conamus received.

In 1997, he scored a huge hit with 'k do you love.

From 1997 to 1999 presented the Lion the late night programming, and they Let the Lion. [2]

In 1999 Paul did something completely different; He devised the format for the feast of Saint Nicholas, a theatre action/pop concert to celebrate the Saint-Nicholas party, with "the" Sinterklaas. Also he took over the presentation of the latter program in itself, that one-off was broadcast at RTL 4.


In 2000, the Lion in a sold out five times in a row Ahoy. He sang in his greatest hits. Also known duets with among others a KadamWilleke AlbertiBassie and Adriaan and K were performed. Only in 2005 came from a dvd titled The lion roars – Paul de Leeuw Live In Ahoy with a recording of one of the concerts. Some live versions were on the cd released Sing while you wait , including a version of the famous Bohemian Rhapsody in duet with Bassie and Adriaankinderduo. A single was released. The same year the lion with Hans Kesting for the camera in their new programme boys will, a talk show with some similarities to his earlier late-night program Let the Lion. After one season of 22 episodes fell the cloth and presented the Lion together with Tom Egbers NOS for the House of Orange, in which football analyses following the Euro 2000 were combined with entertainment. At the end of 2000 made the Lion still once a special program for the NOVIB, in which he dressed as sister Godelieke travelled to Uganda to appear on a local television program.

In 2001 presented the Lion the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest for the NOS, but he made no more programs for the VARA. Though he was still on the employee list as personal adviser. At the end of 2001 made the lion, from intense dissatisfaction with the chaotic program style of Netherlands 3, a controversial move from the broadcast to the NCRV, which VARA on Netherlands 1. Here he presented the weekly entertainment program the Lion Inn. After the first season ' Inn ', he presented also referred to a renewed, more comical version of the game program like father, like son. Both programs were not entirely to your liking the NCRV. This was not improved when some riots arrested arose, such as a wrong Call-TV parody in ' Herberg de lion ', which served as a bridge to the next topic.

After a conversation with an old-call TV presenter there was a telephone conversation scheduled with a museum director, in whose museum a work of art depicting Adolf Hitler was shown. To in the broadcast to continue to Feel-good television ' theme was ala Call-TV a photo of Professor Bob Smalhout changed in the art work of Hitler, which had to be guessed in whom the image eventually changed. The ' bridge ' was wrongly arrested and a lawsuit was filed by Sahab, partly because of the painful fact that the Jewish professor in the second world war has lost much of his family, something of which the lion said this not knowing.Apologies were made and also accepted, but in the end did a weekly imitation of Anneke to him. The lion put Grönloh down like a afgetakelde cocaine sniffing ' has-been ' who sat heavily to the drink. 3 broadcasts long entered the character at the end of the broadcast, on which they by this picture of her Grönloh claimed that total had collapsed. Possibly inspired by the trial of Sahab flexed they the lion and the NCRV also a lawsuit.

The NCRV and the lion decided that it was better to terminate the contract early: 1 January 2003 the NCRV and the lion no longer linked. When the NCRV prematurely, however, decided to broadcast a special by their requested Inn around the death of Claus (which the Lion with him several times later said that clamp was to make a broadcast by the NCRV asked anyway, he wanted that itself actually not) on the evening of yet to broadcast and broadcast an episode of Villa Fadil to repeatnotify the broadcasting band, demanded the Lion; correct to show that there is no shocking or offensive things about Claus were said. Then also this was The Lion came to legal processes per put directly by the NCRV on the streets. Are programs in broadcasting were also discontinued, although immediately after a settlement the controversial broadcast of the Inn have still shown over the internet, on desire of the lion. From a somewhat custom Herberg'-decor he once did a program for Teleac, namely the 10-year-anniversary program of knot in your Handkerchief entitled the lion in the knot. After this program kept the Lion his presence on the tube for temporarily or not seen.

All of this was going on at a time when the Lion the quieter for a while to meant to do to spend time to his (adopted) children. The lion has a registered partnership with his better half. They have two adopted children, both of whom come from the United States . He did a process to a gossip magazine, when it published pictures of him and his son.

From 2003 to 2005, the Lion, back when the VARA, the program I am just me, a daily talk show with Paul "home" received various customers. He also made the series SMSmee's Cat. However, after one episode of this series was the tube removed, in part because not doing it was in terms of workload, already played the poor reception by the viewer in a role here as well. In the summer of 2004 presented the Lion as part of ' the summer Saturday night ' by Netherlands 3 a season long Who shoves going on?, a Dutch version of the British success program Guess who's coming to dinner?, in which famous people get the chance to set up a virtual dinner party with guests to their wish, living or dead. This program was very moderately received and critics sabelden the program completely down.

In 2005 was to note that the Lion wanted back on TV with full of entertainment. I am just me underwent in the second season are a small set of adjustments, such as the fact that the program the second season with audience was recorded. Went on a Friday night in the ether I am just me Live , a live entertainment program from a studio in Weesp that was set up as the Angels ' Clubhouse ' Paul Laity. This program was successfully received at a time when Jack Spijkerman Talpa decided to make a switch to and its programme by the VARA Tacks immediately was put on hold. To fill this hole was the Lion for this time slot asked, what was received, and then successfully for the summer on this format was in line with the originally as a summer program referred to beautiful! Again the Lion on the Saturday night.

The program was also very well received, making a second season was purchased. At the time of the second season, at the end of 2005, was Pauls Couples evening each week, produced a talk show with another duopresentator (a continuation of the old ' Thursday night Couples evening ' from the time of release the Lion) which was broadcast live on Thursday evening. Thanks to the live broadcast, it was possible to carry one broadcast from protest against the then emerging changes in the program order.

The lion remained In 2006 without prejudice to continue with his programme Nicely again ... on the Saturday night and a smaller, somewhat more intimate program on Thursday night. This season was that Pauls Point, a support program for all points where Paul in his wishes program (what "nice weather..." in the meantime had become) could not come. Also in October of that year the album was beautiful! Another CDreleased, which in addition to his greatest hits also some new tracks were added, such as the hit Une belle histoire/a beautiful story and do not go away, that single appeared in november. A single that also on the album was posted, a private version of my wooden Heart of the mountain lions (in which the lion in the original clip from 1998 a small roll played) and this time in duet with Idolswinner Raffaëla flopped completely, by the lack of promotion on the occasion of the latter's pregnancy. From september 2006 moved beautiful! Again the Lion to Netherlands 1 and in december 2006 he made for BNN Ranking the Stars, a program in which women had to assess each other ten TV. The year 2006 ended the Lion off with a live new year's Eve program, great year! The lion with a number of viewers of 2.2 million viewers.

2007 consisted mainly of preparations to his own Symphonica in Rosso-concert series at the GelreDome Arnhem . Nice again ... went through with a new season and Paul presented in August 2007 for the VPRO the hundredth episode of summer guests. From september 2007, the lion also Ranking the Stars a season with men.

In February 2008 sparked a small riot around Paul de Leeuw, when he during his program the string of an unannounced vegan streaker separation. The streaker was not agree, and threatened to file a complaint.Paul de Leeuw suggested it to the ' case ' in to make his own show ' for ' and the 'moving right' to assess the incident. His ruling was that this was to be expected, because of Pauls ' unpredictability '. And that the vegan streaker this should have understand.

In 2008 he won for the third time the Televizier-Ster and for the first time the Televizier-Ring for his show beautiful! Again The Lion. In addition, he was also put in the satirical television program as an inclined toKoefnoen .

In november 2008, there are seven new discs because of the 25 year anniversary of Paul de Leeuw. On 14 november 2008 there was a dvd box set of six DVDs from with highlights from Pauls career: a quarter of a century the lion. On 28 november 2008 a cd entitled it is winter. On 29 november 2008, the lion a twelve hour beautiful! Again the Lion Marathon to celebrate that he sat in the box for 25 years. He received guests and was surprised by several people with whom he has had something to do in those 25 years. At 8.30 the next morning he closed the program with his song Fly with me. The program had a market share of 36.1%.

In February 2009 he presented together with Giel Beelen on Friday night the program Top or Flop on Netherlands 3. After the last show of beautiful! The Lion comes again from 12 september 2009 to the VARA on Netherlands 1 Dear Paulthe new show. Paul the lion wanted to be with this show the queries for Netherlands. On June 25, 2009 gave the Lion together with Cor Bakker the concert Paul and Cor Close on the occasion of Cor Bakers 25th anniversary. Because of great success were given additional concerts in August and October 2009. The lion also starting this year, put himself in as Ambassador of the CliniClowns.

In 2009, Paul the Lion the game devised by him "unpredictable" on the market, that in november was named game of the year 2009 aged 12 years and older.

Years ' 10[Edit]Edit

On February 4, 2010 Paul made known immediately to stop Dear Paul. A month later, on 6 March, he came back with the program X the lion. The Sunday night show was called the lion on Sunday. The last show of X the lion was on Saturday 5 June, with an extra long broadcast. This was also the last appearance of Paul the lion on the Saturday night.

From 30 August 2010 presented the Lion latenighttalkshow MaDiWoDoVrijdagshow the daily along with Filemon Wesselink and ex-skater Erben Wennemars. However, the last one left after two months the show again. In May 2011, the last episode aired. The lion declared a time take it like to do.

He's back on the tube since October 2011 on the Saturday night with a new program called PAU!L Also. He participated in long live tv!. He went on to win the program with 14 points in the final.

Paul de Leeuw makes a program from september 2012 for the Flemish commercial station VTM. In this talk show, which carries the title M Paul , he goes twice a week as a Dutchman confronts the Flemish culture.

From 27 October 2012 presents Paul the Lion the new program along the Lion, a development of PAU!L on Netherlands 1.

From June 2013 will no longer give the Lion Saturday night entertainment shows. Though he is from november to see Saturday night as host in the weekly program the Quiz

On 7 June 2013 RTL 4 made known the format who am I? in 2013 to bring back on television with a panelist role for the lion. This will be the first time that he has a big role on television for a commercial broadcaster.Paul de Leeuw is also back on the Saturday night. [3]

Symphonica in Rosso[Edit]Edit

On 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 november 2007, the lion on to Arnhem in the GelreDome as part of the annual concert series Symphonica in Rosso of The Entertainment Group. Cor Bakker and Guido's Orchestra were also present; There were guest appearances by, among others, Marco BorsatoLeontine BorsatoEdsilia Rombley and Adje. Ticket sales began on May 12; the tickets for 3 november were already sold out after ten minutes. The title song from Symphonica in Rosso 2007 was stay (until the Sun you come pick up). This single reached the ninth position in the Single Top 100. The song was written by Jan Groenteman. Paul had sung it before in his show and was already planning to bring it out. Symphonica in Rossothe cd, which was released on 30 november 2007, debuted at the first place in the album listings. It meant for Paul his first number-one success since 1996 Encore .

Eurovision Song Contest[Edit]Edit

The lion profiles itself since the mid-1990s strong as lover of the Eurovision Song Contest. He presented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2007. In 1998 and 1999 he did this along with Linda de Mol, which he founded in 1999, especially his arrows on the slate of Double Date. In other years, he worked as a commentator during the international festival. In 1995 , when he delivered a tirade on this much commotion against the Israeli submission afstak Amen.

During the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 presented the award on behalf of the Netherlands Lion points. It was intended that he would simply thank the presenters, artists and fans, after which he would call the points. However, instead, tried the Lion during the live broadcast his cell phone number to give to the male presenter Sakis Rouvas. He also made other (oblique) comments that the presentation of the Dutch points did take significantly longer. The lion also referred to the gay culture when he remarked that Rouvas and his co-presenter Maria Menounos reminded him to Will and Grace from the eponymous comedy series. As all this took place in a live broadcast and a further contribution of the Lion was necessary for the progress of the show, he could not be cut off. This action caused many negative reactions of many a commentator, including BBCcommentator Sir Terry Wogan, giving him a "eejit" (slang for "idiot") mentioned.

He was allowed, despite the criticism of the previous year, in 2007 once again handing out the points on the Eurovision Song Contest. Terry Wogan said, when the turn was to the Netherlands to zoom it and the lion on the screen appeared: "The Netherlands were evicted in the semi-finals, and this man might be the reason why." ("Netherlands is disabled in the semifinal, and this guy would be there sometimes may be the cause of.")

Salary and ability[Edit]Edit

Paul de Leeuw is one of the highest earning media people in the Netherlands. His ability is estimated at 11 to 15 million euro[4and has been divided into eight Companies. The lion is the only shareholder at two of those Companies, Hahn BV and Peregrine Tower BV. Hahn BV had a balance sheet total of 6,88 million euro in 2007. [5]

Because the Lion works for the public broadcasting (VARA), which are largely funded with tax money, rees in 2008 – 2009 whether his salary, estimated at 650,000 euro per year,[6should remain within thebalkenende norm . That standard lag when on 176 000 euros/year. The lion opined, however, that politicians are not allowed to interfere with his salary: "I have a specific talent and you can my salary cannot be determined. I work hard, make socially relevant programs and I am very well, "he said. [7"If you have such a professional, there is no balkenende norm. We're going to just for the Beatrix-standard. And we, Kings of our profession, need not fear for the Dutch interference and economy ". [8]

Minister Plasterk finally decided that for a handful of exceptional talents within the public broadcasting an exception would be made. [9[10since the Lion not on the payroll at the VARA, but through his hiring by the VARA let Haider BV, would have been the standard does not apply to him. [8]


  • 1993
-the "Zilveren nipkowschijf" for the cry of the Lion
nominated for an Emmy Award.
-a Edison for the cd ' for you, I want to sing '
Rose of Montreux for the cry of the Lion
media award of the city of Amsterdam for the episode of the cry around the islam.
  • 1995
Movie! received the Bob Angelo Medallion of the COC and a Rembrandt Award for best Dutch film.
-the Flemish Geuzen Prize .
  • 2000
-an Edison Award for best Dutch singer.
  • 2004
-for the second time, I am just me for the Zilveren nipkowschijf ".
-He finished no. 86 during the election of de grootste Nederlander.
  • 2006
-winner of the Silver Televizier-ster (as best male television personality). The other nominees were Patrick Lance and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.
  • 2007
Omroepman 2006 -voted by the broadcasting trade magazine Broadcast Magazine.
-27 april 2007-appointed Knight of the order of the Netherlands lion because of his level, his great appearance and the significance of his achievements for the development of the television entertainment and the theatre world.
-winner of the Silver Televizier-Ster (as best male television personality). The other nominees were Ruben Nicolai and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.
  • 2008
-winner of the Golden Televizier-Ring with the program beautiful! Again The Lion .
-winner of the Silver Televizier-Ster (as best male television personality). The other nominees were Ruben Nicolai and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.
  • 2011
100% NL Award (Oeuvre Award)
  • 2012
-winner of the Flemish television Star for best Entertainment program with the program M Paul.



Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

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Date of




Number Of


For you, your Majesty! 1991 18-05-1991 15 74 Platinum
Of you I want to sing 1992 14-11-1992 2 71 Platinum
Plugged 1993 15-05-1993 1 (6wk) 97 Live album /3 x Platinum
ParaCDmol 1994 22-10-1994 1 (4wk) 43 2 x Platinum
Across Europe there was no one like her... 1995 01-07-1995 12 20 Live Album
Movie! 1996 06-01-1996 21 9 Soundtrack
Encore 1996 11-05-1996 1 (1wk) 39 Live Album/Platinum
Sweet 1997 22-11-1997 2 42 Platinum
Silent songs 1999 16-10-1999 5 27 Gold
Christmas Party 2001 20-01-2001 38 7 Live Album
Singing while you wait 2001 09-06-2001 10 6
MetroPaul 23-04-2004 01-05-2004 35 7 with the Metropole Orchestra
Duizel me 01-04-2005 02-04-2005 5 20
Beautiful! another CD! 08-09-2006 16-09-2006 2 92 Gold
Symphonica in Rosso 30-11-2007 08-12-2007 1 (6wk) 61 3 x Platinum
It is winter! 28-11-2008 06-12-2008 10 13
One hundred from one 13-11-2009 21-11-2009 3 44 Collection Box
Paul 16-03-2012 24-03-2012 5 10
Album (s) with chart positions in

the Flemish Ultratop 200 albums

Date of


Date of




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Sweet 1997 21-02-1998 40 2
Beautiful! another CD! 2006 30-09-2006 78 2
Symphonica in Rosso 2007 22-12-2007 77 7


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Giddy up go 1991 06-07-1991 14 6 No. 13 in the Single Top 100
Babble */Fly with me (live) 1992 07-11-1992 2 14 * with Willeke Alberti /

No. 1 in the Single Top 100

I have a Euromast 1993 20-02-1993 4 6 If Bob Datta /

No. 3 in the Single Top 100

Naked guys in the park/In the ghetto * 1993 17-04-1993 26 5 * as Bob das/

No. 22 in the Single Top 100

Stay with me 1993 03-07-1993 5 10 with Ruth Jacott /

No. 5 in the Single Top 100/ Alarm drive

Dream Country 1993 04-09-1993 23 7 with André Hazes /

No. 16 in the Single Top 100

I don't want you lie/Where for which * 1993 11-12-1993 1 (8wk) 19 * If Anthony das /

No. 1 in the Single Top 100

Beyond/I'm so happy that I am a woman * 1994 24-09-1994 2 12 * as Annie das/

No. 2 in the Single Top 100

Wait what give a sign/Kopa late night * 1994 10-12-1994 12 5 * as Annie das/

No. 12 in the Single Top 100

You belong with me/10-Tineke-10 * 1995 08-04-1995 tip3 - * as Bob das/

No. 34 in the Single Top 100

Without you 1995 23-12-1995 3 16 with Simone Kleinsma /

No. 3 in the Single Top 100

Annie/My life is a movie 1996 06-01-1996 20 4 as Bob das/

No. 17 in the Single Top 100

I'm like you 1996 04-05-1996 tip3 - No. 40 in the Single Top 100
Two Fight 1996 20-07-1996 35 3 with Simone Kleinsma/

No. 26 in the Single Top 100

Uiteind'lijk I found you 1997 22-03-1997 tip12 - with Simone Kleinsma/

No. 26 in the Single Top 100

'k do you love and waiting for you! 1997 11-10-1997 3 20 No. 3 in the Single Top 100
Yes, you in the KL204 1998 10-01-1998 tip6 - No. 68 in the Single Top 100
To the South 1999 02-10-1999 tip4 - with Fernando Lameirinhas /

No. 46 in the Single Top 100

I need you/you are my buddy 1999 15-01-2000 14 7 No. 7 in the Single Top 100
The Orange camping 2000 - No. 59 in the Single Top 100
Bohemian rhapsody 2001 - with Bassie en Adriaan /

No. 76 in the Single Top 100

K Opperdepop 24-09-2003 - No. 50 in the Single Top 100
Duizel me 2005 - No. 65 in the Single Top 100
When love but keeps winning 2005 - No. 92 in the Single Top 100
My wooden heart 08-05-2006 03-06-2006 tip4 - with Raffaëla /

No. 18 in the Single Top 100

Une belle histoire-a beautiful story 03-07-2006 12-08-2006 38 3 with Aadi /

No. 14 in the Single Top 100

Do not go away 03-11-2006 - No. 94 in the Single Top 100
Stay (until the Sun you come pick up) 27-04-2007 05-05-2007 13 7 Symphonica in Rosso 2007 theme song /

No. 8 in the Single Top 100

King Song 19-04-2013 27-04-2013 2 4 as part of National Committee Inauguration/

No. 1 in the Single Top 100

Single (s) with chart positions

in the Flemish Ultratop 50

Date of


Date of




Number Of


King Song 2013 11-05-2013 41 1 * as part of National Committee Inauguration

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Stay with me

(with Ruth Jacott)

- - 1025 977 821 1011 669 579 923 751 888 1155 1355 1130 1421
Stay (until the Sun you come pick up) - - - - - - - - 55u 1564 616 1059 1307 1692 1678
Dream Country

(with André Hazes)

- - - - - - 663 362 528 720 450 630 783 599 603
Une belle histoire-a beautiful story

(with Aadi)

- - - - - - - - - - 1167 - 1292 1199 991
'k do you love 248 247 311 452 461 350 179 93 136 148 143 227 270 287 332
I don't want you lie - - - - - - - - - - 940 1427 1595 1951 1785
Fly with me (live) 344 360 519 707 21 ° 652 733 652 744 649 558 872 1050 1236 1297
Beyond - - - - - - - - 1863 - 1853 - - - -
Without you

(with Simone Kleinsma)

433 - 549 818 824 509 565 297 293 402 222 395 444 34t 464


DVDs with the Dutch Music charts in the Top 30 Date of


Date of




Number Of 


The lion roars! -Live in Ahoy 2004 04-12-2004 12 3
Symphonica in Rosso 2007 15-12-2007 1 (6wk) 60






  • 'kHebjelief, and pull! (2012, cookbook/autobiography)
  • Upset with the air columns collection (2009, from the VARA guide)
  • The little witch 2 (2002, children's book)
  • The little witch 1 (2001, children's book)
  • Bob de Rooy and his wife stands behind (1990, Journal of Bob de Rooy)