Peter Manley (Cheam7 March 1962) is a former English darts player.

Manley is nicknamed ' One Dart ' because he's ever known as the player who needed only one dart to throw his duplicates. He is one of the most talked about players in the darts circuit. Mainly because of an incident during the final of the PDC World Darts Championship of 2002. He lost this final with 7-0 by dart legend Phil Taylor and refused to shake hands after the Taylors. In the years that followed came across this on a lot of boos from the audience to stand. In 2005 this changed somewhat after he' Is this the way to Amarillo " Tony Christie picked up as its attendance's tune. Manley came much quieter and more socially and that resulted in a more positive response from the public.

In 2006 were Taylor and Manley once again in the finals of the "Ladbrokes" and again Phil Taylor knew with the greatest possible score of 7-0. This time shaking both players each other the hand at the end of the party.

To this day knew Manley to write only one major tournament to his name since he switched to the PDC. In 2003 he won the Las Vegas Desert Classic.In addition, he was in 2007 and 2008 in the semi-finals of this tournament.

In 2007 reached Manley in the final of the Masters Of Darts, in which he lost against Raymond van Barneveld (7-0). In the pool round of the tournament he knew if only all Dutch opponents to beat. His semi-final match against Mervyn King was a true classic: Manley moisture after a 5-3 in sets and 2-0 in legs lag itself back into the game and still won with some one hundred plus finishes 6-5.

The last great victory that booked on television, Peter Manley was his victory at the last 64 of the UK Open 2009. He defeated in this title holder James Wade in a true thriller 9-8. Also his victory in the first round of the Las Vegas Desert Classic 2009 against Mark Walsh should surely be called surprising. Manley won this party with 6-4.

Played World Cup finals[Edit]Edit

  • 1999: Phil Taylor- Peter Manley 6-2 (' best of 11 sets ')
  • 2002: Phil Taylor- Peter Manley 7-0 (' best of 13 sets ')
  • 2006: Phil Taylor- Peter Manley 7-0 (' best of 13 sets ')