Philip Dee (Herk-de-Stad4 January 1963) is Bishop of the Brazilian Miracema do Tocantins.


[hide]*1 early life and studies

Early life and studies[Edit]Edit

Dee was the youngest of 6 in the family of Marcel Dick mans and Maria Vanherwegen. He grew up to pick up where a window wide open was about parochial live together.After his elementary school to pick up he went to the college to Tienen. In Halen he passed through all departments of the Chiro, became leader and group leader. At eighteen he went to the Military Academy, at the air artillery. Despite its sporty and adventurous attitude here comes his will to become a priest forward stronger than ever.After a conversation with Jan Boonen, the then president of the Seminary to Hasselt, is his choice for the priesthood final. He studied philosophy and theology.

In 1988 he began his pastoral internship in Beringen, a parish with a lot of nationalities and religions. In april 1988 he was ordained. The call of the adventure and the mission play strong at Dick mans and he chose a year live in Nuyndo Biruyi, Diocese, Rwanda.

Priestly Ordination[Edit]Edit

On 30 september 1990, he was ordained by Bishop Paul Sabina. In the same month he was chaplain to Genk where he was provost of the local Chiro-and Scoutsgroup. In 1994 he learned the Focolare Movement common in the Italian Lopiano at Florence. His urge to go to the Mission continues, and from June 1995 he follows a preparation course at the Latin American college in Leuven for a mission to Brazil. In 1996 he travels by boat and goes off to work as parish priest in Palmas. On 1 May 1996 he arrived at Dom Alberto Taveira, the local bishop. Danielle worked under his wing in the northern region of Palmas, a poor region they speakwith the Indians. According to Belgian standards immeasurably large parishes with immense work, and on social and religious plane.

Diplomas and qualifications[Edit]Edit

  • Philip Dick mans is no intellectual Bishop. After his secondary studies and his military career, philosophy and theologyhe journeying. In his own words, he graduated at the arms of Beringen and his doctorate at the inidianen-they speak of Palmas. In his homily during his tenure as Bishop, he said: "I am a Bishop with hands".
  • On October 6, 2009 was an honorary citizen of Philip Dick mans Get appointed. [1]


On May 21, 2008 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him as third Bishop of Miracema do Tocantins. He was consecrated Bishop on August 15, 2008 to Palmas (Tocantins). Its coat of arms is divided into two halves: in the Red surface are 3 gold rings for the Holy Trinity, source of love and unity. In the blue plane is the cross, sign of salvation and reconciliation and a star with eight points, symbol of Mary. It was designed by one of the young people from his parish. As motto: "Ut unum sint" he chose (that all may be one). His Episcopal ring is a gift from Patrick Hamilton, Bishop of Hasselt. On the outside are the symbols from its coat of arms, inside the name Patrick.