Henricus Petrus (Piet) Libregts ( Vlijmen , February 16 1930 - Heeswijk-Dinther , August 25 2013 ) was a Dutch team manager .

Life edit ]Edit

Libregts worked initially in cycling as a support worker . In that position, he worked for Peter Post . Later he became a team leader. In the seventies he led the cycling Frisol .

He then became head coach for the National Federation . Under his leadership, three Dutch riders were world champions , Gerrie Knetemann in 1978, Jan Raas in 1979 and Joop Zoetemelk in 1985.

In honor of his seven thirtieth anniversary in 2000 published the book "Peter Libregts, Champion maker" . In 2010 Libregts received for his achievements in cycling the Golden Wheel , the highest award of the National Federation.

Libregts was the father of mountain biker Bart Brentjens .

In 2013 he died at age 83 after a long illness.