Pieter Clover (January 23, 1890 - may 3, Groningen1970) was a Dutch Pastormissionary and in the period 1930-60 one of the leaders of the Dutch Pentecostalism.

Clover was born into a family as the youngest of six children. He grew up in Amsterdam. At the age of 16 began Clover Salvation Army services to attend and there converted to the Christian faith. Then he attended the school of the Salvation Army.

In 1909 visited Clover together with a friend a service of the Pentecostal Church in Amsterdam, where Gerrit Palin predecessor was. That evening he heard for the first time someone speak in tongues . This experience made a deep impression on him and he left soon after the Salvation Army. According to he baptized with the Holy Spiritin 1911, an experience typical of Pentecostalism.

In 1912 asked Palin or Clover not the newly founded school wanted to follow. This then did he worked from 1915 to 1927 in China and from 1929 until 1933 on Java. At his return, he became pastor of the Pentecostal Church in Amsterdam.

Clover soon became one of the leading figures in Pentecostal Netherlands. For years he led the Church in Amsterdam. In his work he was assisted by his wife, who was a great help by her musical talents. In 1956 the Clover voorgangerschap carried over to e. Schuurman.

After clover in 1956 had taken of his farewell commune, he remained active in the national work. As President of the Brotherhood of Pentecostal churches he worked in 1960 with emergence of the Dutch Pentecostal Bible in Groningen. The last years of his life brought by Pieter Clover in Groningen, where he died at the age of 80.

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